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, posted: 19-Jul-2016 16:57

So if you guys have been keeping up with NZ TechBlog, we have started doing new vehicle reviews since the beginning of the year! We started out with the Mazda6 Limited Sedan, and have tried out about 10 vehicles since! Some of them we have yet to post the review on. While we're no mechanics, we like to review cars in the consumer's point of view, not from the media's point of view. And since we're a tech blog, we like to focus mainly on the technology side of the vehicles, which can range from the entertainment system to modern-tech safety features of the car.

The cars that we review can range from sports cars such as the Mazda MX5, to big trucks such as the Ford Everest or Toyota Hilux. They are all from the current years, if not newer!

I also like to network with people on new cars, so if you wanna talk about new cars, find out more about a car we've reviewed, you can find me on my social media channels or you can email me and I'd love to have a chat! Got a car you want us to review? Flick me an email too and we'll see what we can do! smile

We've also set up a new category for vehicle reviews on our site which you can find over at:

Cheers! cool

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