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Geek movies in Vogue (again).

By Peter Smith, in , posted: 26-Jan-2008 23:22

What with movies like the excellent 'Stardust' and the 'I haven't seen it yet' 'Golden Compass' hanging about at the moment, movies aimed at the not so mainstream audience are a bit in favour.

Check out the trailer for '5-25-77' at http://www.5-25-77.com .

Fun Facts
- 25/5/1977 is the release date of 'Star Wars'
- Remember that kid who was the lead of that cool TV show 'Freaks and Geeks' some years ago now? He's all grown up and is the lead of this movie now.
- This is produced by the same guys who produced Star Wars and American Graffiti
- Apparently this movie doesn't have a release date yet.

I had to post this just cause of my Sci Fi obsession. Anything that mentions Space 1999 earns kudos. Even more points for the Paul Simon soundtrack.

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