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Apple iPhone 3G - more models to come

By Peter Smith, in , posted: 10-Jun-2008 15:33

The Apple Developers conference is just that, a developers conference. So when I read that Apple would be announcing a 3G iphone at that conference, I was a little surprised, as this wouldn't be the normal platform for announcing a new device.

Sure enough, Apple announced this morning a 3G iphone device with GPS, at a very low price. I am a little surprised at the device. It is aimed at exactly the same market as the existing iPhone.

Given that they had to announce the capabilities of the next iteration of the iPhone so that developers would know the limitations of the device and the API they would be programming to, this conference did what was expected.

However, this isn't a good enough device to fight off their two main competitors in the Enterprise market which they are targeting, RIM and Google. The hard keyboard of both the Blackberry and Android devices is a killer feature. I believe that Apple have another device up their sleeve, to be announced. This device will have a smaller screen, the same internal hardware but will have a hard keyboard so that it can compete in the same market as Google and RIM. Apple would be keeping this device under wraps as long as possible, they only did what they had to do this morning.

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