Tracking the tracks at Tech Ed New Zealand

Microsoft Tech.Ed NZ 2009 intro video clip

, posted: 14-Sep-2009 10:32

This is a short video clip of the band playing before the Microsoft Tech.Ed New Zealand 2009 keynote started:

Tech.Ed NZ 2009 HP Mini 5101 ready for collection - and seven to giveaway

, posted: 13-Sep-2009 22:02

Delegate registrations and badge collection for Microsoft Tech.Ed New Zealand 2009 started today (Sunday 13th September) and people who took advantage of the discounted HP Mini 5101 offer also had the chance to collect their laptops today. We saw lots of people unpacking their laptops and enjoying the fresh, custom made Windows 7 build (click the picture for more photos on Flickr):

Microsoft's Nathan Mercer told me this is a special build - the laptops are so new he had to create an image with fresh drivers, plus a full Tech.Ed user experience. This also includes New Zealand-flavoured wallpapers and other customisations.

The laptops also come with the latest Microsoft Office 2010 CTP.

If you are not getting these laptops but still would like to have the New Zealand-based theme, it looks like this will be released for download in October when Windows 7 becomes available for consumers.

Also if you didn't take the offer, you still have a chance to leave Tech.Ed NZ 2009 with one of those: Microsoft is running a competition lasting the three days of Tech.Ed. There seven laptops to be given away, and to be in the draw you have to fill a form with answers to seven puzzles. These answers will be around Tech.Ed NZ 2009 somewhere. Entry forms are available when you collect your badge.

Get social at Microsoft Tech.Ed New Zealand 2009

, posted: 12-Sep-2009 18:27

Want to get more from your Microsoft Tech.Ed New Zealand 2009 experience?

I have just added a widget to the sidebar on this blog currently listing search results for the #tenz9tag on Twitter. Below is the same widget, if you want to bookmark this page to see updates:

You can also follow the official Tech.Ed Live Twitter account. Use the #tenz9tag in your Tweets, blog posts and Flickr pitcure uploads.

For updates on picture upload you can get our Flickr RSS feed for Unofficial Tech.Ed NZ 2009 or the Official Flickr Pool RSS feed for Tech.Ed NZ 2009. If you are attending the Tech.Ed and uploading to Flickr you can join the Flickr Tech.Ed New Zealand Group as well.

Riding the Developer Tracks

, posted: 11-Sep-2009 05:50

By Ben Gracewood

As a developer, navigating your way around the tons of infrastructure tracks can be difficult. I know Active Directory, Exchange, group policies, firewalls, DR, and desktop deployment are important, but let's face it: they are all deeply un-sexy.

If you're a developer like me, you'll probably be wandering the halls on Monday, looking at session titles and deciding what to attend. I've listed a few of my choices below, with my reasons for attending.

Entree (Monday)

  • ARC302: Enterprise Library 5.0
    Love it or hate it, the Enterprise Library is Microsoft's gold-standard for code reuse and encapsulation. Wrapping up some of the hairiest pieces of plumbing so you don't have to deal with it yourself. 5.0 is the latest iteration, so if you're building n-tier apps regularly, you'll want to hear about it.

  • OR WUX305: Visualising Data Using Silverlight and WPF
    Do your clients keep pestering you about sexy user interfaces? Or do you just want to wow them with some highly usable, good looking interfaces?

  • DEV302: Get ready: What's coming with .NET 4.0
    Like clockwork, new versions of .NET roll off the Microsoft production line every couple of years. If you want to know about lambdas, optional parameters (remember those from VB6?!), Oslo and more, this is the session for you.

  • OR WUX308: Building Awesome Business Centric Applications with .NET RIA Services
    These time-clashes are starting to bother me. It's like Microsoft think that you're either a technical developer or a UI developer. Anyway: WUX308 is all about delivering data to your front-end applications via .NET RIA Services.

  • Mains (Tuesday)
  • SEC312 The "Everything Developers Need to Know About Security" Talk
    "Security is boring", I hear you say. Yes it might be, right up until those hackers use a flaw in your code to get at your client's user database. I bet you'll be wishing you attended this session when the reporters are at your door asking questions.

  • ARC401 Architectural considerations for creating Silverlight Applications
    Don't be scared off by the 400-level talks. They generally delve deep into the workings of applications and frameworks. My dad always said "it's important to know how things work", and this talk will hopefully give you that information about Silverlight.

  • DEV304 Visual Studio Team System 2010: Odyssey Two
    As a Microsoft developer, VS is your toolbox. Come along to this session to check out all the bells and whistles that Microsoft have added to 2010

  • Desert (Wednesday)
  • SOA321 This is not a REST talk
    The title doesn't offer us much, but Jim Webber is an interesting speaker. I'm guessing this might be a web services talk. Jim has another session on Tuesday titled "This is a REST talk".

  • SEC313 Hack-Ed: Teaching the Good Guys Bad Tricks
    I'm hoping this will be an egaging and informative session. Kirk Jackson is going to be defending a honeypot website in real-time as a couple of hackers attempt to break in. Good times!

  • WUX309 ASP.NET MVC - End-To-End
    Like the Enterprise Library, ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft's best-practise implementation of software patterns. Some prefer to roll their own, but it's always good to see how it's done.

  • Last call: confirm your presence at the Geekzone dinner at Tech.Ed

    , posted: 7-Sep-2009 19:35

    Just a reminder for those attending the Microsoft Tech.Ed New Zealand 2009 who have not confirmed presence to our Monday evening dinner at The New Orient.

    We still have some places available if you want to register to attend. This is happening from 8pm Monday 14th September after the Tech.Ed welcome drinks.

    Registrations are essential - we have only a small number of seats available. Dinner will be sponsored, and we will open a bar tab to start (you will pay for your drinks after the tab runs out!).

    Register here for the Geekzone dinner at Tech.Ed New Zealand 2009.

    Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand is a technology event run by Microsoft New Zealand. The Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2010 is happening in Auckland (New Zealand), 30th August - 1st September 2010, at the SkyCity Convention Centre. If you are attending the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2010 and would like to contribute with stories, profiles, and feedback please contact us. This blog is written by Mauricio Freitas and published by Geekzone.

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