Tracking the tracks at Tech Ed New Zealand

Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008: Office track contents

, posted: 16-Jul-2008 20:03

Darryl has posted the (almost) final content for the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008 Office track - I had lunch with him today and he hopes it won't change from this:



MOSS: SharePoint Anatomy and architectural considerations

Ian Morrish

Microsoft Search All Up session including FAST introduction

David Ford; Steven Letford

Developing Your First Office Business Application: From the Client to SharePoint and Beyond

Reed Shaffner

Creating Content Centric Publishing Sites with MOSS 2007

Mark Orange; Zac Smith

Tools and techniques for productive and effective SharePoint development

Matt Smith; Zac Smith

Best Practice ECM with SharePoint 2007

Mark Orange; Michael Noel

Why Findability Should Be an Organising Principle for Your SharePoint Server 2007 Deployment

Ben Curry; Chandima Kulathilake

Project and Application Portfolio Management; What, Why, How

Youssef Mourra

Microsoft Office Groove 2007: An Enabler for Secure and Dynamic Collaboration

Bryan Gallagher

Planning and Implementing Regional and Global Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Deployments

Ben Curry; Joel Oleson

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Governance: From Chaos to Success in Ten Steps

Chandima Kulathilake; Joel Oleson

Open XML Development Turning SharePoint Data into Microsoft Office Documents: A Deep Dive into SharePoint Document Assembly Using Open XML

Reed Shaffner

Creating Solutions with the Business Data Catalog

Steven Letford; Todd Bleeker

Also I was told the Mobility track is almost confirmed. And they have some big plans for the keynote - but this is a secret for now, so we will have to wait and see what's coming/

Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008: Web/UX track contents

, posted: 14-Jun-2008 09:25

It looks like one of the first tracks to be "locked" at Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008 is the web and user interaction one.

This is the list of sessions for this track:

Scott Hanselman Developing ASP.Net Applications using the Model View Controller pattern
Scott Hanselman RESTful data services with the ADO.Net Data Services Framework
Harry Pierson Microsoft Silverlight and Dynamic Languages
Hank Janssen Managing IIS Infrastructure (TBC)
Hank Janssen PHP, FastCGI and IIS7 (TBC)
Jonas Folleso Silverlight 2 for Developers
Trent Mankelow(NZ)/Susan Wolfe (AU) Self Service Usability
Jefferson Fletcher IE8 for Developers (TBC)
Jefferson Fletcher IE8 Compatibility (TBC)
Nigel Parker (NZ)/Shane Morris (AU) Designing XAML applications using Expression Studio 2.x (TBC)
Scott Cate ASP.Net AJAX Deep Dive (TBC)
ScottHa, Scott Cate, Harry, Jonas, Hank, Jefferson Web futures panel - where is it all going and what challenges are ahead? (TBC)

Talk to Microsoft Tech Ed track owners - make your voice heard

, posted: 14-Jun-2008 09:21

The Microsoft Tech Ed Australia team has put together a page with direct Messenger access to track owners so you can share your ideas, comments and requests to then.

Darryl tells us the Tech Ed Australia and Tech Ed New Zealand teams are working closely together, so you can use this same page to comment on Tech Ed New Zeland tracks.

Tech Ed New Zealand 2008 sold out

, posted: 22-May-2008 17:37

This didn't take long - only a few hours ago there were 150 tickets left for the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008 and they are all gone now, according to Nigel Parker:

Microsoft Tech Ed 2008 New Zealand Click to register Not Updated in Realtime

See you in Auckland at the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008!

Only 150 tickets left for Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008

, posted: 22-May-2008 10:45

It is official: Darryl Burling let us know via Twitter that there are only 150 tickets left for this year's Tech Ed New Zealand- and you better be quick because when they are gone that's it...

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