Tracking the tracks at Tech Ed New Zealand

Follow the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008 live

, posted: 28-Aug-2008 11:53

Tech Ed Live: New Zealand 2008 is... live. The page will allow you to follow the Microsoft crew around the conference floor and the marketplace, watch exclusive interviews, photos and links to presentation downloads.

Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand more social on Twitter

, posted: 20-Aug-2008 10:46

As previously pointed out you can follow Tech Ed Live on Twitter, but if you want others to participate you can follow the tenz8 bot and tag your tweets with #tenz8 to share your thoughts.

MVP Theatre at Microsoft Tech Ed Australia 2008

, posted: 18-Aug-2008 16:15

If you are registered for Microsoft Tech Ed Australia this year, come along you are automatically invited to come along to the MVP Theatre to watch Microsoft MVPs delivering sessions ranging from 20 minutes to the full 75 minutes on a variety of topics.

There are only 20 seats in the MVP Theatre, so you need to be quick getting to the Expo Hall if you’re serious about catching an MVP Session.

The Agenda for MVP Theatre is below, but please keep an eye in the agenda for last minute updates. To attend, you must be a registered delegate. 

Seated attendees to MVP Theatre each receive an MVP logo wind-up torch keyring, so you need to be quick: you can’t pre-register for MVP Theatre sessions; it’s first in first seated. 

Schedule is shown in order by Day & Time    
Tuesday 2 September      
Time Session ID Session Description Duration MVP 



An Intro to XNA - a brief overview of what others have done with XNA and how easy it is for you to get started creating your own games.


Luke Drumm

Wednesday 3 September      



Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an Application Platform.
Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build applications that manage and track information and processes that are not necessarily limited to customers.


George Doubinski



Introduction to Microsoft CRM


George Doubinski



Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SaaS.
Economies  (and challenges) of deploying Microsoft CRM using Software as a Service model.


George Doubinski



Building Silverlight Modules for DotNetNuke
Philip Beadle a Foundation member of the DotNetNuke project will show you how to enhance existing DNN modules with Silverlight 2 beta 2.  Build in auto draft saving, multi file uploading and call webservices from existing modules.


Philip Beadle



The Mighty Web Page Report
The Web Page report type generally goes unnoticed by many PerformancePoint Monitoring and Analyzing implementations. Most take a look at this seemingly static and boring item and wonder why it was even included in the product in the first place. In truth the Web Page should probably be considered the most powerful and flexible of all report types. Come and see the power that lies within the humble Web Page report.


Nick Barclay



Transparent Data Encryption
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 introduced many security enhancements, from data encryption to advanced context impersonation. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 further helps administrators protect their database with the introduction of new features such as Transparent Database Encryption, Extensible Key Management, and Auditing. This session provides an overview of one of the new security enhancements in SQL Server 2008, Transparent Data Encryption, and discusses how to best take advantage of it.


Jeff Wharton



Resource Governor is a new technology in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 that enables DBA’s to manage SQL Server workload and resources by specifying limits on resource consumption. During this session Jeff will provide an overview of SQL Server 2008 Resource Governor and cover typical user scenarios, explain the model, and describe ways to control resources.


Jeff Wharton



Visual Studio Team System Tips, Tricks  Best Practices from VSTS MVPs


Anthony Borton



Generating Word documents from LOB system using the OpenXML SDK.


Ed Richard



Scrum-tastic Development with Visual Studio Team System and Light Weight Scrum.
This session covers Scrum development with Visual Studio Team System and the community-based Light Weight Scrum Process template. It is targeted at existing members of software development teams but assumes no prior experience with Scrum.


Anthony Borton



Visual C++ 2008 – Still The Language with No Limits”  It would be a comprehensive look at whats new in Visual C++ 2008.


Nick Wienholt



An Intro to XNA - a brief overview of what others have done with XNA and how easy it is for you to get started creating your own games.


Luke Drumm

Thursday 4 September      



OneNote – an introduction to an amazing tool (or whatever you want to call it)


Judy Gleeson



Test Driven Development for DotNetNuke Modules
Philip Beadle a Foundation member of the DotNetNuke project will show you how to use TDD to build high quality DNN modules.  You’ll also see how to write automation tests using Watin to prove that your modules are consistently reaching their requirements.


Philip Beadle



OneNote and Tablet PC – the senior manager’s productivity toolkit.


Judy Gleeson



Using Outlook’s hidden power functions


Judy Gleeson



ADO.NET Data Services (a.k.a. Astoria)


Angel Hernandez



Advanced Charting Techniques in Excel – a quick run through of various non-standard Excel charts, with real-life examples. More suited to a business audience. Things you did not think could be done in a chart. Mostly examples from here


Ed Ferrero



Building and using Cubes in Office – how to build a data cube using Excel and Microsoft Query, using pivot tables to view Cube data. I am interested in empowering business people to build and use their own Cubes from enterprise data.  The typical business analyst does not have access to SQL Analysis Services, but does have Microsoft Office and a text dump of business data – now that is all that is required to build powerful Cubes. Come the revolution, baby!


Ed Ferrero



SharePoint Monitoring. Covering best practices on how to measure the success of your SharePoint implementation, including Performance Counters, Web Statistics, User Feedback. This session will run for 30 minutes and be primarily of interest to SharePoint Administrators, Architects and Business Consultants.


Ivan Wilson



OneNote as a Training Tool


Judy Gleeson



Policy Based Management
SQL Server 2008 will bring a new feature that is Policy Based Management (PBM). This is a system to manage SQL Server instances by allowing administrators to define policies (naming conventions, security settings, force index creation, avoid fragmented data, etc.) and then map these policies onto servers or databases. In this session Jeff will provide an overview of PBM and demonstrate how much easier it has become for your organisation to administer its SQL Server environment.


Jeff Wharton



Demo: How to setup peer to peer replication in SQL Server 2008. 


Kasim Wirama



Enable Project Managers to create their own custom reports in Project Server 2007 using SQL Server 2005 Report Builder within a SharePoint environment
Technologies: -- MS Project Server 2007 / SQL 2005  Report Builder / Visual Studio to create Models / Windows SharePoint Services to create a Reporting Service Web Part ---)
Many organisations have the requirement to give business users (e.g. Project Managers) the ability to create custom reports. The session allows organisations to discover the reporting capability of Project Server 2007 using the SQL Server 2005 Report Builder within a SharePoint Environment. The session gives an inside on how easy it is to create report builder Models from the Project Server 2007 Reporting Database which can be used by business users to create their own custom reports. 


Marc Soester



Balanced Scorecards in Excel – a run through of a professionally designed Balanced Scorecard system built in Excel. An eye-opener for those who have not seen Excel used as a development system. There is a quick preview here


Ed Ferrero

Friday 5 September      



BI Power Tools
This session is aimed at giving a quick overview of some of the free tools that are available to help people in their work with the Microsoft BI stack. Among other things, we will be looking at some projects from codeplex like BIDSHelper and the Analysis Services Stored Procedure Project as well as having a look at using PowerShell with the BI technologies. We will primarily be looking at working with Analysis Services, Integration Services and if we have time we will look at a little bit of PerformancePoint Server 2007.


Darren Gosbell



Data Compression
Is your database big? Are you interested in reducing its size to 1/2 or even to 1/3? SQL Server 2008 will provide you native data compression for your tables, indexes, and partitions that can significantly reduce the size of your database. A smaller database can lead to better performance for IO bound loads, reduce memory requirements and the manageability cost (e.g. backup/recovery) of your database.  Join Jeff as he describes how Data Compression works and when it should be used


Jeff Wharton



Enriching the Design of a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services UDM
In the most basic way, the Unified Dimensional Model (UDM) combines the best aspects of traditional OLAP analysis and relational reporting. In doing so it presents a "single version of the truth" that can satisfy multidimensional analysis and relationship reporting. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The UDM can also define server-side calculations, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), actions, perspectives, and translations to provide a richer experience than just querying for results from a database. So beyond storing your data, the UDM can store information about how our data is represented and how it should be delivered and presented to the business user. In this session, discover through theory, demonstration, and best practices discussion, how to enrich the design of the UDM beyond the data itself.


Peter Myers



A demo-based session on the topic of Administrator Role Separation in Windows Server 2008.  One of the key Active Directory-related improvements in Windows Server 2008 is the introduction of the Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC).  With the RODC comes the ability to separate administrative roles.  This removes the restriction of having to use a Domain Admins account when carrying out administrative tasks on a Domain Controller.   The session will provide some technical background on Administrator Role Separation and will then launch into a lab-based demo of the feature.  The demo will cover:
RODC pre-staging and completion of DCPROMO using a delegated account
Authentication mechanism for local administrator rights on the RODC
Definition of additional local roles using NTDSUTIL.EXE
Password caching for domain accounts defined for local roles on the RODC.


Tony Murray (NZ)



C++ for creating webparts


Angel Hernandez



Group Policy Preferences – a whole new world. A brief introduction on the history of Group Policies and what the new Preference settings mean. It will cover not only the features that it brings to Group Policies, but also some of the issues that are raised when implementing their use. This session will be useful to people new to Group Preferences, whether they are experienced Group Policy Users or not.


Alan Cuthbertson



Advanced Exchange Management Shell Scripting Demo and Master class
The basic aim of this session is to demonstrate what can be done at the upper end of the scripting scale to show System Administrators (and developers) what they can achieve with EMS cmdlets when they are blended and enhanced with .NET and also leveraging Exchange Web Service and the changes made in SP1.  To also demonstrate the ability to build custom administration tools using EMS scripts that can automate many tasks that can save time and increase visibility of the Administration of Exchange 2007. The talk will consist mainly of a demo of the scripts in action with a talk around how they were built and general tips to assist people to build their own. Topics covered include mailbox size, logon reporting and auditing, Message Tracking and Mail permission management and possibly OWA customization (time permitting).


Glen Scales

Amit Mital, General Manager Live Mesh will keynote the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008

, posted: 18-Aug-2008 08:00

Microsoft New Zealand has confirmed Amit Mital, General Manager Live Mesh and Developer Platform, as its keynote speaker for the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008.

From the page:

Software-plus-Services is Microsoft’s strategy for the next generation of computing. Central to this is bringing together the best of cloud-based services and the software that resides on a world of devices. Providing seamless experiences for individuals and information workers, and providing the choice and flexibility for organisations on how and where they deploy and manage their infrastructure and line of business applications.

While different vendors are evolving their offerings from different starting points, the entire industry is converging on the Software + Service approach. Hear from Amit Mital, General Manager Live Mesh and Developer Platform, on how Software + Services are being used to solve problems today and the vision for the future.

During his tenure with the Company, Amit has shipped 11 products in a leadership role, most recently the Live Mesh experience and platform.  Previously he was the General Manager for LiveMeeting where he led the design, development and delivery of Web Conferencing technology.   Prior to that, Amit incubated and led the BizTalk Server product group for four years.  

More information about Live Mesh here.

Internet Explorer 8 Roadshow

, posted: 14-Aug-2008 18:37

This is not really a Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand event, but it's an interesting event for local developers - and around the same time.

I am talking about the Internet Explorer 8 Roadshow, announced by Nick in our forums:

Come and have an overview of the new features and capabilities of Internet Explorer 8 straight from a senior member of the US based Internet Explorer team.

Jefferson Fletcher is a Senior Product Manager working on Internet Explorer. Since joining Microsoft in 1996, Jefferson has spent the bulk of his career in engineering and has helped to deliver end-user features in multiple versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. A Seattle native, he left life as a poor Political Science major at the University of Washington 12 years ago because earning some extra cash as a software tester sounded like a good idea. (He has yet to find his way back...)

Monday 8th September (1:45pm - 3pm)

Wednesday 10th September (1:45pm - 3pm)

Friday 12th September (10:45am - 12pm)

To learn more and to get started, please visit the New Zealand Internet Explorer Readiness website and the New Zealand Internet Explorer 8 blog for more information.

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