Tracking the tracks at Tech Ed New Zealand

Attending the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2007? Let me know!

, posted: 9-Aug-2007 17:10

If you or your company are attending the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2007 then please let me know about it!

Contact me with information such as which sessions you or your company are running, what demonstrations are planned, pictures, etc. and we will post it.

If you need to contact me during the even please e-mail to (this e-mail address will be valid only until 31 August).

Gen-i attending the Tech Ed New Zealand 2007

, posted: 9-Aug-2007 16:44

Gen-i, Telecom New Zealand's IT arm, will be attending the Tech Ed New Zealand 2007 with a rather large contingent.

Amongst the approximately 300 professionals Gen-i is sending to the event there will be people involved with software solutions (practice managers, technical consultants, developers), ICT specialists (service line managers, design consultants, delivery consultants) and sales people (client managers, sales specialists).

The company will be partnering with Microsoft and Nortel to demonstrate its capabilities in three areas:

Unified Communications: a demonstration to show the capabilities the UC delivers, and how it can benefit businesses. The demonstration will cover click-to-call including audio and video, presence pervasiveness throughout Microsoft Office applications, collaboration and sharing of applications and the new Outlook Voice Access.

MOSS Internet Publishing capabilities: Gen-i will be doing a demonstration of the Content Management System (CMS) functionality in MOSS, along with workflow support and styling support, template usage, and collaboration and integration with Microsoft Office 2007.

Infrastructure Optimisation: a demonstration of the Infrastructure Optimisation Model & Assessment tool to determine the status of a company’s current infrastructure, what benefits are possible and how to realise those benefits.

I was told Gen-i and Nortel will be demonstrating the only OCS integration with Remote Call Control in this year's Tech Ed.

HP presence at Tech Ed New Zealand 2007

, posted: 9-Aug-2007 11:33

HP has planned an interesting presence during the Tech Ed New Zealand 2007. I had a chat with HP's Marketing Manager Proliant and BladeSystem Aaron Lamond yesterday and I was told about some of the things coming to the HP booth - including prizes and hands on experience with their server hardware.

If you walk into the HP booth ask for their Tech Ed t-shirts. It seems everyone wearing their t-shirts while walking around the show floor during the breaks will have the chance to be in the draw to win a Xbox 360 and other prizes. So, get those HP Tech Ed t-shirts on!

Aaron will be in the booth showing HP server hardware, including BladeSystem technology, StorageWorks, Virtual Connect (pdf link) and Storage Virtualisation. People visiting the HP booth will have the opportunity to have some "hands on" time of the BladeSystem, including one full size rack available on the spot for people to move cards, ask questions, etc.

Also in the booth you will have the opportunity to meet Paul Mitchener, who will be showcasing Unified Communications systems, and is an expert in this area, with previous Nortel experience.

In addition, the following session will be led by HP people:

VOC221 64 bit technologies and platforms for Windows (Stephen Moore, 14 August 2007 1:40pm)

DAT315 Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007: Comprehensive Look at Monitoring and Analysis
(Myles Matheson, 15 August 2007, 9:00am)

CON202 Microsoft's Vision for the Connected Enterprise (John Downie; Scott Allen, 13 August 2007, 12:05pm)

Mindscape sessions at Tech Ed New Zealand 2007

, posted: 9-Aug-2007 10:39

Wellington company Mindscape will be represented at this year's Tech Ed by three of its crew, who will be around the floor talking to developers about their latest software product, LightSpeed:

[LightSpeed] is an innovative, high performance .NET domain model and O/R mapping framework designed to accelerate your development while, at the same time, providing your application with a solid foundation based on best practice domain-driven design patterns. With features like convention-over-configuration, fast data access, model validation and data binding, it allows you to focus your efforts where they should be: Solving business problems and not writing tedious infrastructure and "plumbing" code.

The Mindscape guys will also be presenting the following sessions:

Getting started with BackgroundMotion” (John-Daniel Trask, 15 August 2007 1:40 PM - 2:10 PM)

Ready, Set, Blast Off: Getting started with BackgroundMotion.

In this session John-Daniel Trask will be demonstrating how you can setup the BackgroundMotion project and start learning about new Microsoft technologies such as LINQ for SQL, AJAX Extensions, Virtual Earth, WCF and more. This session will be useful to anybody wanting to learn more about BackgroundMotion and how it can help you keep ahead of the game on many newer technologies.

.NET Programming Language Pragmatics” (Andrew Peters with Joel Pobar, 15/8/2007 12:10PM-1:25PM)

"The .NET language ecosystem is vast and wide, offering lots of choice for a willing developer. Take a tour of the ecosystem, and explore the rich feature contrasts of dynamic languages like IronPython and IronRuby, functional languages like F#, and classic statically typed languages like C# and VB.NET.

After the tour, we see the best of these features in the context of Visual Basic 9, where we've added relaxed delegates, XML literals, type inference and more. We also take a peek at the future of Visual Basic (VBx) and C#."

SQL Server 2008 for Developers” (Jeremy Boyd, 14 August 2007 5:10 PM - 6:25 PM)

There has been a strong focus on Dynamic Development and enabling scenarios such as support for business entities and synchronization. Along with new data types, DMV’s and T-SQL enhancements there is even stronger support for developers in SQL Server Katmai. In this session we will look at the new capabilities on offer and how you can make best use of them.

Building BackgroundMotion – Scalable Web Fast by using the Composite Web Block” (Jeremy Boyd, 15 August 2007 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM) is a video sharing community site and learning resource which was successfully launched earlier this year. It is also an example of a composite web application, combining both software and services together to produce an exciting result. We built BackgroundMotion using the new Composite Web block. In this session learn about what the Composite Web block offers you, how to use it, and how it will help you build scalable, testable and performant web applications, allowing you to focus on what you do best - creating exciting new web applications.

People wanting to check LightSpeed can visit the LightSpeed webpage, the Mindscape blog, or check with Andrew Peters, Jeremy Boyd, or John-Daniel Trask during the Tech Ed New Zealand.

Microsoft's Nathan Mercer sessions at Tech Ed New Zealand 2007

, posted: 9-Aug-2007 09:58

With Tech Ed New Zealand next week, we start reading more and more about people's sessions. Nathan Mercer, one of the Microsoft Wellington guys, will be doing two talks on Windows Server infrastructure topics:

SVR213 - Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007: Protecting all types of data
Currently in beta, DPM 2007 is designed to provide a best-of-breed protection and most robust, reliable recovery experience for Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint. Be the first to see how DPM 2007 beta 2 protects general file based data, Exchange and other Microsoft server platforms.
14 August 2007 5:10 PM - 6:25 PM

SVR317 - Deploying and managing a Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Server
This session focuses on Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) network architecture and deployment methodologies, from single server to replica hierarchies. It also covers how to migrate from WSUS 2.0 to WSUS 3 and looks at the day-to-day management of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), including backup strategy, compliance reporting, reboot strategy, and health monitoring.
14 August 2007 2:20 PM - 3:35 PM

Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand is a technology event run by Microsoft New Zealand. The Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2010 is happening in Auckland (New Zealand), 30th August - 1st September 2010, at the SkyCity Convention Centre. If you are attending the Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2010 and would like to contribute with stories, profiles, and feedback please contact us. This blog is written by Mauricio Freitas and published by Geekzone.

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