Rather humerous sequence of events

, posted: 2-Jan-2013 00:59

The van in the driveway

I've been staying with a friend back in my hometown of Hamilton over the holidays, where we've been having a long-term LAN party. Over the last month or so, he's been woken up each day at 1am by someone driving into his driveway with their headlights on and then pulling back out. We happened to see it one night when we were in the driveway talking, but were too far away to see who they were or what they were doing.

Since we were awake and very drunk on New Years, we decided to camp out in the driveway and see who it was. There were about 6 of us all sitting in the driveway with our vodka, but the mystery van never turned up.

The bonfire

We decided to crank a little fire in the backyard tonight, after discovering a stash of wood offcuts under his deck. We also decided to get rid of the huge backlog of recycling, and burnt all of his paper rubbish. There were a bunch of Waikato Times papers there, still in their wrapping. Turns out that they burn really well. Thing is, this flat doesn't subscribe to the Waikato Times, they just keep turning up.

Mystery solved

We decided to camp out again this morning, just in case van guy turned up. We had a camera set up on tripod to capture the number plate (and scare whoever it was doing weird things in the driveway).

Sure enough, he turns up at 12:45am and pulls right up the driveway. We get a bunch of shots off on the camera and then ask the guy (who has his window open) what he's doing.

Turns out he's the Waikato Times guy. Who's been delivering it to the wrong house for a month. And the intended recipient never complained.

Simple answer which, in retrospect, we should've been able to figure out for ourselves!

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Comment by Alan, on 2-Jan-2013 21:43

Just goes to show how good the Waikato Times is or how much it's valued by it's readers!!!!!!!!

Comment by nzsouthernman, on 4-Jan-2013 14:01

Brilliant. I actually LOL'd when I finished reading this. :)

Comment by Ray Taylor, on 8-Jan-2013 16:49

Some sort of LAN party is taking place, while at the same time you are in bed at 1am? How these can occur at the same time confuses me :-)

Author's note by theEd, on 9-Jan-2013 11:21


The "at 1am" was over the month or so prior to the LAN party ;)

That said, it was also an 8 day LAN, so there was some sleeping involved :P