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Can tablets replace laptops - a survey - UPDATED!

, posted: 21-Apr-2011 12:05

Hi all,

As part of my current Masters Studies (I am enrolled in the Masters of Forensic IT at AUT) I have doing the obligatory Research Methods paper, which involves a survey as part of its requirements. I have chose the topic of ‘Can Tablets Replace Laptops’ and since geekzone is a site filled with tech-heads, I would like to run a small survey.


This is a pilot survey around the possibility of replacing traditional laptop computers with tablet devices. These devices are categorised by the following traits:

  • Run a scaled down operating system when compared to Windows, OS X, Linux etc
  • Have longer battery life than a laptop
  • Utilise a touch screen as the primary input method
  • Often lack a physical keyboard

For the sake of this study, devices such as Windows Tablets and Hackintosh tablets are excluded. The devices of interest are ones such as the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Telecom Tab V9, Motorola Xoom, or even the older Windows CE tablets (which I have one of) etc.

Since this is a pilot study I would also welcome feedback in regards to the questions, format, suitability etc. If you feel the focus of this study is wrong or should be changed, please let me know.

I have tried to keep the questions to a minimum so as to get as many people as possible answering.

Many thanks to all in advance!


I have changed this to a surveymonkey survey on this advice of some geekzone members!

Click below to take survey

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Comment by Pete, on 21-Apr-2011 12:14

Use to aid your results. Someone else round here had a google spreadsheet (but that failed at the final hurdle if I remember rightly. Good luck

Comment by xpd, on 21-Apr-2011 12:25

Formatting is failing.... :) Try using something like - itll keep it all tidy and make it easier to track the answers.

Comment by diogratia, on 21-Apr-2011 13:26

1.1 experience Guru
1.2 own a device? No
1.3 considering purchase? Yes, iPad2
1.4 Why particular model? Development target
1.5 What environments would use device? Work,Home
1.6 Categories of use? Blogging, Web Browsing, Email, Productivity, e-books
1.7 Built-in 3G? No (too expensive)
2.1 Utilize tablet as primary computer? Yes (based on usage time bleeding into Home use)
2.2 Also own laptop/desktop computer? Yes
2.3 If So, OS? Mac OS X, Kubuntu, Solaris
2.4 What features aren't available on a tablet? Development environment

Comment by mattRSK, on 21-Apr-2011 16:44

Comment by plod, on 21-Apr-2011 17:03

It wants me to sign up to answer your survey. No thanks

Comment by XPD, on 21-Apr-2011 19:57

@plod Dosent request anything for me to do it.

Comment by 1080p, on 22-Apr-2011 21:20

Survey completed!

I assumed 'Wight' (last question) is supposed to be 'Weight'.

Comment by lyonrouge, on 24-Apr-2011 16:22

A key "category of use" question missing in my view is RDP, and if implemented transparently would make the ability to use it as primary device quite a different proposition. Also "Tablet PC" is misleading, something like "big smart phone with no phone" would better suit your criteria.

Comment by mcraenz, on 25-Apr-2011 10:41

Hey these questions might help:

How many hours do you spend on a desktop/laptop per week for work/home.

How many of thouse hours work/home could be replaced by tablet time.


Comment by TinyTim, on 26-Apr-2011 11:17

What is this research going to be used for? It may tell you whether or not 'tech-heads' think tablets can replace laptops, but what about all the other laptop users? 

Its part of my Masters studies, Research methods in mandatory, but still fun.

Comment by Chris, on 29-Apr-2011 12:54

This line:
"Run a scaled down operating system when compared to Windows, OS X, Linux etc"

Shows he has no idea what he's talking about. Linux? Linux is extremely light weight and modular. If any tablet manufacturer were to succeed, it would be via Linux, and not via some ridiculous OS made by these big time companies. (Symbian? Nokia)

Android is based on Linux if you're forgetting. Even so, it can be alot more light weight than that.

Sounds like you have no idea - the phrase obviously references operating systems that are based on desktop class machines, of which Linux is one.

And I know Android is based on Linux, but it is not Linux, especially not in the context of tablet PCs.

Could you point me to a Tablet that runs Linux (not Android) out of the box? As I have yet to see any

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