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My new website and blog!!

, posted: 7-Jun-2010 19:30

I have, over the last week or so, been toiling to get my new site live and working... and now it is. SO head on over and check it out.

It is also the home of my new blog where I will cover subjects such as jailbreaking and iPhone OS, FreeviewHD and my Magic TV PVR and personal interest subjects. Oh and some humor. I have installed a comments system on the posts so you can ask questions and comment.

Is their any sound or lighting technicians in the house?

, posted: 12-Mar-2010 17:33

This blog post is here to gauge the interest and number of sound and lighting technicians (and DJ's?) here on Geekzone. I for one am the sole charge technician at my high school and have been involved in some major productions with other companies including the Telethon last year. I have a basic training at level 2 and 3 NCEA and have been working for 4 and a 1/2 years. As a starting talking point - what is the one piece of equipment you couldn't do your job without and what is the best show you have been involved in? Leave a comment below. I couldn't live without my gaffer tape and enjoyed working on a great school charity production of "Kaiapoi's Got Talent". It was an awesome success and raised over $1000 for UNICEF gift aid? I look forward to your replies.

When is it going to arrive? UPDATEDx2

, posted: 11-Sep-2009 16:00

UPDATE 2: The iPod has gone to Shipped and am waiting for the tracking number to show where it is shipped from. The accessories arrived this morning and I have set them up ready to go. I am dissapointed by the lackof apple stickers in any of the packages but hopefully there will be some in the iPod packaging.
UPDATE : The iPod has now gone to prepared for shipment as of this morning so I expect it will fly out of sydney tonight and be delivered here Tuesday or Wednesday. YAY!!

Well as of now the package with my accessories (the Dock, Remote, Charger, AV Cable and AppleCare Protection Plan) is in Christchurch after leaving Sydney last night. So i amhoping it arrives tonight otherwise it will be Monday before they arrive in my hands. 

The iPod on the other hand has been approved and I am waiting for it to be shipped. I am hoping like heck that it will ship over the weekend and arrive early next week. Has anyone else out there ordered one or planning on ordering one. If you are post a comment and let me know.



PS Do you want to see an unboxing of the accesories and the iPod or just the iPod. Leave a comment.

My Live Metablog from the Apple Keynote

, posted: 10-Sep-2009 05:13

Hi Guys as we speak the Apple keynote hosted by...... STEVE JOBS is going ahead. I will be updateing this post throughout the morning.

First off Steve announced iPhone OS 3.1 free to all iPod Touch and iPhone users on 3.0 from today. Also iTunes 9 brings a range of features such as Home Sharing, which allows you to copy content between upto 5 computers on your home network, iTunes LP the eventual name for the rumored extra content called Cocktail and finally for iPhone and iPod touch users, App rearangement on the computer. There is also a redesigned Store and other enhancements such as genuis for Apps and Genius Mixes a smart DJ that is like having a awesome radio station on.

Update 1:Phil Schiller now on stage having a good old rant about what the old iPod Touch can do. We know have some developers showing off some flippen awesome new games including Assasians Creed 2.

Ipod touch will be available in 8 32 and 64gb versions at $199, 299 and 399USD

iPod Nano now with speaker, video camera and FM RADIO all built in.Microphone 2.2inch screen pedometer as well.

No Camera on the iPod touch, no real new feature other than OpenGL|ES nad memory bumps in line for the 32 and 64 GB versions

SO i am off to get me a 32 gb touch and will have to wait 1 to 3 day for it to be approved by an "agency" oh well lets just hope they are playing safe.
Also will the old accessories work with the new ipod touch if i buy them from apple today.
I would just like to thank and

The background behind my iPod Decisions

, posted: 5-Sep-2009 16:59

As a teenager I have a respect and a knack for understanding and using technology and have always thought that iPods did not really fit my needs, but the iPod Touch changed my mind on this. As the rumors develop and the likelihood of a camera increase the 3rd Gen iPod Touch is looking like it is finally going to be a good investment. The 3.0 software update also added some important features like cut and paste and others. 

When the keynote on Thursday Morning at 5am (nzst) is over I will be buying:

- 8/16GB (smallest available capacity) iPod Touch 3rd Gen - $400~
- Apple Universal Dock and Remote - $89
- Apple Composite Cable - $89
- Apple Care Warranty - $99
- Case and Screen Protector - $90
I will be buying the first 4 items on Thursday and the case and screen protector as soon as a reputable brand has them available. I will be blogging and doing YouTube videos on my experiences and reviewing apps and the hardware both here and on YouTube. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here: If you want a specific review earlier than I do it just comment on one of my posts and I will write it for you. I will blog my reactions to the keynote on Thursday morning and will let you know my thoughts on Apples Announcements.


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