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, posted: 5-Sep-2009 16:59

As a teenager I have a respect and a knack for understanding and using technology and have always thought that iPods did not really fit my needs, but the iPod Touch changed my mind on this. As the rumors develop and the likelihood of a camera increase the 3rd Gen iPod Touch is looking like it is finally going to be a good investment. The 3.0 software update also added some important features like cut and paste and others. 

When the keynote on Thursday Morning at 5am (nzst) is over I will be buying:

- 8/16GB (smallest available capacity) iPod Touch 3rd Gen - $400~
- Apple Universal Dock and Remote - $89
- Apple Composite Cable - $89
- Apple Care Warranty - $99
- Case and Screen Protector - $90
I will be buying the first 4 items on Thursday and the case and screen protector as soon as a reputable brand has them available. I will be blogging and doing YouTube videos on my experiences and reviewing apps and the hardware both here and on YouTube. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here: If you want a specific review earlier than I do it just comment on one of my posts and I will write it for you. I will blog my reactions to the keynote on Thursday morning and will let you know my thoughts on Apples Announcements.


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Comment by johnr, on 6-Sep-2009 19:01

I never use to be a Apple fan now I own a Brand new Mac book pro and a ipod nano and must admit the quality is awesome..

Comment by chiefie, on 7-Sep-2009 01:26

Don't need to rush on getting Apple Care, you have 90 Days of Apple Care on iPod products. I must say I have not had any problem with my 1st Gen iPod Touch to date, where my colleagues had gone through three 2nd iPod Touch (claim through retail though). So give it the 90-days usage first, and if it sees fit, then get Apple Care before 90-days due.

Certainly recommend a good case/screen protector.

Also, Universal Dock AV output is only for video (on iPod Touch) and not for games or photos. Unless this is changed/updated with newer iPhone OS 3.1 to enable games and/or photos TV-out on iPod Touch/iPhone.

Comment by ykiwi, on 7-Sep-2009 02:17

Save your $99. Think about it - would you pay 25% of the value of your house or car for insurance? Meanwhile you are still covered under the fair trade act and so forth.

Comment by Owen, on 7-Sep-2009 12:33

It's all well and good, but New Zealand won't get them for a while..

Author's note by thefatmould, on 7-Sep-2009 15:32

The only reason I am buying AppleCare is that according to my calculations and research it will cost more to replace the battery out of warranty than to buy the AppleCare Warranty.
Owen - I am loving the trans-tasman rivalry. We will have them at the same time as you and the launch is always worldwide, usually the same day as the Keynote.
I am aware of the no games thing but even then with jailbreaking (a road I intend not to take) it is possible. As far as i can tell Photos, Music, Videos and Youtube all work well. Any Cases you would/could recommend for me brands/styles all appreciated.

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