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My Live Metablog from the Apple Keynote

, posted: 10-Sep-2009 05:13

Hi Guys as we speak the Apple keynote hosted by...... STEVE JOBS is going ahead. I will be updateing this post throughout the morning.

First off Steve announced iPhone OS 3.1 free to all iPod Touch and iPhone users on 3.0 from today. Also iTunes 9 brings a range of features such as Home Sharing, which allows you to copy content between upto 5 computers on your home network, iTunes LP the eventual name for the rumored extra content called Cocktail and finally for iPhone and iPod touch users, App rearangement on the computer. There is also a redesigned Store and other enhancements such as genuis for Apps and Genius Mixes a smart DJ that is like having a awesome radio station on.

Update 1:Phil Schiller now on stage having a good old rant about what the old iPod Touch can do. We know have some developers showing off some flippen awesome new games including Assasians Creed 2.

Ipod touch will be available in 8 32 and 64gb versions at $199, 299 and 399USD

iPod Nano now with speaker, video camera and FM RADIO all built in.Microphone 2.2inch screen pedometer as well.

No Camera on the iPod touch, no real new feature other than OpenGL|ES nad memory bumps in line for the 32 and 64 GB versions

SO i am off to get me a 32 gb touch and will have to wait 1 to 3 day for it to be approved by an "agency" oh well lets just hope they are playing safe.
Also will the old accessories work with the new ipod touch if i buy them from apple today.
I would just like to thank and

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