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When is it going to arrive? UPDATEDx2

, posted: 11-Sep-2009 16:00

UPDATE 2: The iPod has gone to Shipped and am waiting for the tracking number to show where it is shipped from. The accessories arrived this morning and I have set them up ready to go. I am dissapointed by the lackof apple stickers in any of the packages but hopefully there will be some in the iPod packaging.
UPDATE : The iPod has now gone to prepared for shipment as of this morning so I expect it will fly out of sydney tonight and be delivered here Tuesday or Wednesday. YAY!!

Well as of now the package with my accessories (the Dock, Remote, Charger, AV Cable and AppleCare Protection Plan) is in Christchurch after leaving Sydney last night. So i amhoping it arrives tonight otherwise it will be Monday before they arrive in my hands. 

The iPod on the other hand has been approved and I am waiting for it to be shipped. I am hoping like heck that it will ship over the weekend and arrive early next week. Has anyone else out there ordered one or planning on ordering one. If you are post a comment and let me know.



PS Do you want to see an unboxing of the accesories and the iPod or just the iPod. Leave a comment.

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Comment by alasta, on 12-Sep-2009 09:47

Hey, Tom. I see there's an unboxing article on Engadget today so it looks like that side of things is already covered, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts once you do receive your iPod. I'm planning on buying one in the next few weeks once the dust settles.
Which one did you order, out of interest?

Author's note by thefatmould, on 12-Sep-2009 10:45

I ordered the 32GB as origionally I was only going to buy the smallest model but as it is the same as the second gen I went with the upgraded version for better performance. Hopefully it will ship on Monday for a mid week arrival.
I will be reviewing it twice - once after a day or so and once about a month in after I have had a chance to use it well. Also look out for my reviews of the accessories and apps I use.

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