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Is their any sound or lighting technicians in the house?

, posted: 12-Mar-2010 17:33

This blog post is here to gauge the interest and number of sound and lighting technicians (and DJ's?) here on Geekzone. I for one am the sole charge technician at my high school and have been involved in some major productions with other companies including the Telethon last year. I have a basic training at level 2 and 3 NCEA and have been working for 4 and a 1/2 years. As a starting talking point - what is the one piece of equipment you couldn't do your job without and what is the best show you have been involved in? Leave a comment below. I couldn't live without my gaffer tape and enjoyed working on a great school charity production of "Kaiapoi's Got Talent". It was an awesome success and raised over $1000 for UNICEF gift aid? I look forward to your replies.

Comment by nate, on 12-Mar-2010 20:50

I've done a lot of sound/lighting gigs, my favourite piece of kit is my 2x 18" subwoofers - can't beat bass that rattles window panes!

Best show would be a big dance performance out in West Auckland, certainly was an eye opener with the amount of work we had to do!

Comment by jurgensp99, on 13-Mar-2010 09:22

I work full time in the lighting industry. Without my sharpie  gigs will be but a giant mess of road cases ,gear and cable. Best show would have to be Muse a couple of years ago when they played Waitakery trust stadium and chch.

Comment by jnimmo, on 13-Mar-2010 09:59

I used to be into it big time back on the West Coast, haven't done so much recently now I'm in Christchurch but hoping to get back into it at some stage... 
Too hard to label a favourite gig though! Stage Challenge was always fun but obviously only ever played a small part in that.
Probably would be a big gig with local bands I organised (called the 'World Administration Tour 2004')
Equipment.. my silver case with all sorts of tools in :P

Comment by MakX, on 13-Mar-2010 11:54

Do a lot of theatre tech at school. In charge of Sound for this year's show.

Obviously a decent sound desk is required for any event, size and capabilities depending on how demanding and other requirements.

Haha, yes! There is always a great shortage of tape around the place. Gaffa and insulation is a must for any event.

Author's note by thefatmould, on 13-Mar-2010 13:21

jurgensp99 - what company do you work with? I have done a bit of work with Spectrum Lighting and Sound. I have to agree with a good sharpie as an important tool.

MakX - try being ichatge of sound lighting and projection for the same show and having to deal with amature teachers as technicians. It really sucks!!

Comment by boby55, on 13-Mar-2010 16:17

My CDj 1000's

I do quite a bit of High School Socials, and club work around Hawkes Bay.

When Setting up Equipment I can't do without my Gaffa Tape :D

Comment by boby55, on 13-Mar-2010 16:19

Oh and my favourite gig I have worked on Would have to be A AfterBall I dj'D At,  4 Double 18" Subs 2 Double 18" Tops, 48 heads of laser 6 Mac 250's and Various other Lighting gear with ALOT of smoke

Author's note by thefatmould, on 13-Mar-2010 16:38

I have also worked on a large production called Easter Camp in Christchurch. Check out some photos of the stuff we do here:

Lighting Rig and FOH Speakers:

Sound and lighting boards:

More photos at:

Comment by jurgensp99, on 14-Mar-2010 18:04

I work for Oceania in Auckland

Comment by MakX, on 15-Mar-2010 17:25

jurgensp99, I think my friend was doing a show up in Wanaka with gear from you guys. Or maybe that was a different show.

Comment by Andrea, on 25-Mar-2010 04:04

Norwegian Cruise Line is looking for Audio and Lighting technicians (large shows/events/theather exp required) PLease email me at if interested. Please pass this info around in you A/V network
Thank you !!!

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