How to move your Drupal 7 site to a different folder on your domain...

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So you want to move your Ubuntu 12.04 Drupal 7 installation from to huh? So much incomplete information out there, and people scratching their heads. This is how its done:On Debian Wheezy where Drupal was obtained/installed using wget/dpkg:1. Go to /var/www and rename the Drupal folder:mv oldfolder newfolder2. Go to /usr/share/drupal7/.htaccess and set/change the rewritebase rule to:RewriteBase /newfolderAll done!On Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS where Drupal was installed via apt-get:1. Open /usr/share/drupal7/sites/default/settings.php and set:$base_url = "";2. Go to /usr/share/drupal7/.htaccess and set/change the rewritebase rule to:RewriteBase /newfolder3. Go to etc/apache2/mods-enabled/drupal.conf and empty it (or just change it with lines from step 4 if thats your preference)4. Uncomment and add the following lines to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default#Alias /newfolder /usr/share/drupal7##<Directory /usr/share/drupal7 (read the entire post)...

HOWTO: Install Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS and get working mailserver

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Updated: easier to read and more info. This is a guide for people who want to have their own domain name, and run their own mailserver using Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS.Following this guide will likely take around 60 minutes, including installing Ubuntu Server onto your machine. I installed the 32bit version on an AMD Sempron 3000+, and at the end of the process had used up 2.2GB of hard drive space. I would recommend a 10GB or bigger drive, and 512MB or more of RAM. At the end of this guide, you should be able to:Receive mail to your domain to one user (e.g. to your domain at to send and receive email.SSH to your server for remote administration.Configure an email client like Thunderbird/Outlook/Android/iPhone/WindowsPhone with server name, and MANY aspects of your server at https://serverlanip:10000Tasks to accomplish before going ahead:Static WAN IP AddressCheck with your ISP that you have a static IP address, por (read the entire post)...

How to update your XT Galaxy S to Android 2.2 Froyo

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I have had my Telecom XT Samsung Galaxy S I9000GT running the stock 2.1 Eclair for some time now, and found that with even moderate loading up of apps and data, I was starting to experience lag, and also curisoity envy about Froyo (Android 2.2). I tried using Kies to update my phone officially, but a few things went wrong, and Kies decided my phone needed reflashing, and frankly I didnt really want to be without my phone while waiting for Telegistics to flash it.I had originally intended to stay with stock ROMs only, and keep my phone completely official (and share with you how to do that, and how my phone was running).After the hassle with Kies, I decided to take the plunge, and use Odin to flash my phone with one of the many available ROMs out there. I ended up using Hardcore's Speedmod Kernel, due to how easy it was to get running, with everything working straightaway and no crazy tweaking or modem upgrades required.Some info from XDA developers site: and here is hardcore's faq.-- X (read the entire post)...

Download Samsung KIES 2.0

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Having trouble find a link to download Samsung KIES 2.0 to update your Telecom XT Galaxy S I9000GT?Here it is.More guides, blogs, and geek stuff at (read the entire post)...

Running an Android Task Killer? Get rid of it, and get your battery back.

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Poor battery life on Android? Got a task killer running? Read this...My Samsung Galaxy S I9000 was starting to get a little sluggish, and draining battery a little quick for my liking. I installed Advanced Task Killer Free on it, and continued to load the handset up with apps, and watched my battery life get worse and worse.After reading about how memory management for applications (especially applications in the background, not really doing anything at the time) differs from users normal expectations, and that many have experienced significant increases in battery life by killing their task killer app, I decided to take the plunge.There are plenty of anecdotal blog and forum posts supporting the position that these task killing apps are snake oil, simply peddling in-app advertising to the masses with a product that feeds peoples desires to make their handset run well, but in fact assist it to do the opposite.With usage about the same, with ATK running and phone battery on 100% at 7am, (read the entire post)...

Flatmates busting your ADSL cap? Remedy...

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A multipart story following my adventure from being a unhappy guy with a boarder who keeps busting the internet cap here, to being a happy camper with a LAN where if you bust your cap, you can't drag your housemate down the throttled tubes with you.Lets give an overview of the current situation (names not changed, no one is innocent, and no protection is offered): The house is mine, everything is under my name. ADSL plan is 20GB a month. I have a couple of computers (own, kids), and a WiFi smartphone. Jim (boarder of bandwidth-busting doom) has a couple of computers. I manage my bandwidth use well. I count what I download, and go easy on Youtube etc. Jim doesn't. And downloads lots of "linux distributions". My bandwidth cycle starts around the 27th of the month, and today I discovered it has been busted already (its only the 8th), and we are throttle to dialup type speeds. The bandwidth was mostly used on days I wasn't here and had no computers running. I am at the end of my tether, an (read the entire post)...

Kiwibank to offer personal finance via GE Money

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Smart move by Kiwibank. I will be interested to see what sort of interest rates will be on offer, as presently average bank != average finance company as far as rates go.
Government-owned Kiwi bank is to offer personal loans through finance company GE Money.GE Money, a subsidiary of giant US conglomerate General Electric, said today the Kiwibank branded loans would be offered through its Auckland sales centre. GE Money's New Zealand managing director Greg White said Kiwibank had a strong brand and an extensive distribution network."We are very excited about working with Kiwibank. This alliance will bring a new level of product and service availability to customers, and reaffirms our commitment to provide innovation in the New Zealand consumer finance market," said White.GE Money is the country's largest non-bank finance company with about 300,000 customers. It has an AA+ credit rating.Kiwibank's acting chief executive Paul Brock said teaming up with GE Money would offer the bank' (read the entire post)...

Telecom Broadband will be unmetered for TiVo content & updates.

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Excellent news from Telecom - announcing that Telecom Broadband customers will get all internet-based TiVo content at no extra cost over and above their broadband plan, and it will not come off their plan allowance.
Telecom broadband will enable TiVo entertainment downloads with no impact on customers' monthly data allowance 17 September 2009 - Telecom and Hybrid Television Services, the exclusive licensee of TiVo® products in Australia and New Zealand, today announced a partnership that will see TiVo delivering unmetered entertainment to NZ living rooms from November. The deal will provide Telecom broadband customers with the ability to download movies and shows to their TV with no impact to their monthly broadband data allowance as well as access to all of the Freeview|HD® channels. The TiVo media device allows viewers to pause and rewind live TV, record every episode in a series with the Season Pass feature, auto record favourite actors using the WishList search and pr (read the entire post)...

TiVo in New Zealand - Do You Want One?

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Well now we're ready to start talking and reveal what's coming your way.We are working hard to launch later this year - in time for you to purchase the best Christmas gift for the family. Our goal is to match the Aussie service and provide even more content and services on the TiVo media device for Kiwi.To register your interest with TiVo in New Zealand click on this link Please put my email address [tony at tall dot co dot nz] in as the referrer - they are running a competition for people who signed up to the beta test a while ago.
More guides, blogs, and geek stuff at (read the entire post)...

Hawkes Bay Today (newspaper) scraping Trademe for telemarketing

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Anyone else sick of this type of thing?Copy of an email I sent to Hawkes Bay Today, and CC'd to Trademe.I was polite and direct on the first call, terse and direct in my email, if there is a third time, I will have to come up with a third attitude to go with my unwavering directness.
Dear ******, To make this really easy, here are my points in list format:You phoned me at 10.41am today 14/7/2009 to try and sell me advertising for a vehicle I ALREADY have advertised on Trademe.I was courteous and polite, and I informed you that I was not interested in paying Hawkes Bay today for further advertising for any of my listings.At 2.05pm today 14/7/2009 you called me again and left a voicemail, again asking me to pay Hawkes Bay today for a listing.My vehicles are ONLY advertised on Trademe, so that is the ONLY place you could possibly have got my number.I wonder if Trademe are happy with their website being used as a source of customer data and revenue gathering for Hawkes Bay Today?PLE (read the entire post)...

A new lease on life for a Squier California Strat

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A Fender Squier California Stratocaster I acquired was a little worse for wear, with a slightly scratchy sound, what looked like the original strings (5 or so years old!) and a tremolo bridge that seemed to flap around in the breeze and make open chords seem especially off-key.Removed old strings.Cleaned guitar top to bottom.Removed input jack - the factory wiring was very shoddy and there was a cracked solder joint.Re-soldered the input jack and replaced.New strings - Fender bullet end .10 (e).With back plate off, I tightened up the screws hold the bracket for the bridge tension springs, but in the end, I decided that since I don't use trem anyway, to use a 1/2" block of wood between the bridge and the body (inside that cavity) to permanently lock the bridge in place (hey if Slowhand can do it, so can I).Now the guitar looks, sounds and plays much better.An unintended (but welcome) consequence of blocking the bridge was a lowering of the action (as previous the bridge sat 1/8th to 1/4 (read the entire post)...

Smart Connect - a free alternative to Psiloc Connect for S60 Nokia Smartphones (E71 etc)

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So you got a nice shiny E71 or other WiFi capable Nokia device on the XT network, but are desperatley looking to minimise data use, and make better use of your home and work WiFi networks? Psiloc connect is apparently a very good pay solution, but recently I discovered "Smart Connect" a free alternative, in the downloads section of my E71. Basically instead of having to define a 3G connection OR a WiFi connection OR being asked EVERY time, you set a priority list - e.g. mine has my home and work WiFi connections, followed by "Telecom Data", and wraps it all up into one connection called "Smartconnect" (or whatever profile name you choose :o) You NEED to turn on certificate checking in your app manager, but you may STILL get licence errors. This software IS FREE and if you still get these errors, then check this thread. More guides, blogs, and geek stuff at (read the entire post)...

Telecom New Zealand release XT Network Pricing Plans

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Tomorrow morning Telecom stores around New Zealand will open and customers will be able to enjoy the XT Mobile Network.On the eve of launch, Telecom has revealed its suite of pricing plans that incorporate the concepts of One Rate pricing, per second billing after the first minute and the innovative option of shared calling plans. Some exciting handset offers are also being released.Each plan is designed to give customers certainty, make it easy to understand what's on offer, and provide customers with the flexibility that they have asked us for says Telecom Retail CEO, Alan Gourdie.'We have reduced the number of mobile plans on offer from 60 to just 14 - in response to customers telling us they want choosing a plan to be easy.'With Telecom's new One Rate plans, customers will no longer have to worry if they are calling during on-peak or off-peak, or to someone on the same or different network - now it's all One Rate,' says Mr Gourdie.On Telecom's new One Rate 250 plan for example, for (read the entire post)...

Twitter Integration With Telecom Mobile Is Now Working

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You can now set up your mobile number in Twitters device settings page, text the confirmation code to 8987 (TWTR), and send text tweets straight from your mobile!!

Not officially announced yet as live, so your results may vary!

Happy Tweeting everyone!

@tonyhughes (read the entire post)...

Running SoftSqueeze on Ubuntu 9.04

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Instructions for getting the SoftSqueeze client running on a standard Jaunty desktop:

Go here and download the softsqueeze java version as a .zip file

Extract it in a folder somewhere

Use Synaptic Package Manager (Applications > Add/Remove) to find and install "Sun Java 6 Runtime"

Head back into your Softsqueeze directory

Right-click the softsqueeze.jar file

Click properties

Click open-wtih

Select "Sun Java 6 Runtime"


Almost done...

Sound output in Softsqueeze defaulted to an unused HDMI path, so I had to set it to "Java Sound Audio Engine", but other than that, it automatically found my Squeezecenter server, and everything works perfectly. (read the entire post)...

Maori Language Predictive Text Implementation on (some) XT Network Handsets

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Full article here

And here is the list of words that has been formed jointly by Telecom New Zealand Limited, and the Maori Language Commission:
Maori words for predictive text function
1. Maori, indigenous inhabitants2. Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud
3. Hui a meeting of any kind, conference, gathering
4. Marae the area for formal discourse in front of a meeting house or applied to a whole marae complex, including meeting house, dining hall, forecourt, etc.
5. Haere mai Welcome! Enter!
6. Tangi short (verbal version) for the above (gerund) or to cry, to mourn
7. Karanga the ceremony of calling to the guests to welcome them to enter the marae
8. Tangata whenua original people belonging to a place, local people, hosts
9. Haka chant with dance for the purpose of challenge
10. Waiata song or chant which follows speech
11. Koha gift, present
1 (read the entire post)...

The prospect of FREE SKYPE CREDIT can make people go batsh*t-insane

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As this post from a few years ago shows. People in search of free stuff will just become oblivious to the information clearly placed in front of them, and think that by LEAVING A COMMENT ON MY BLOG THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY GET FREE SKYPE CREDIT.

If you LEAVE YOUR SKYPE NAME ON MY BLOG COMMENTS you will most certainly not GET FREE SKYPE CREDIT, so don't bother.



The comments though, certainly make for funny reading when they come in one by one as the weeks go by.

Far too entertaining to close the comments off.

Ciao MoFo's (read the entire post)...

XT Network Launch Party - A Celebration For The People

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Update: 2.46pm some corrections as per NealR's comment below.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an event put on by Telecom New Zealand to celebrate the impending (though delayed by court action and a subsequent settlement) launch of their new half billion dollar W-CDMA/UMTS 3G mobile network.

I have actually seen some pricing info recently (from a non-Telecom non-Dealer source), but with no way to validate it, and no desire to pop anyones bubble (nor to receive a take-down demand), all I will say is that the near future is looking great for XT Network and its new customers.

Dr Paul Reynolds gave a speech quite early on during the event, and appeared somewhat frustrated at having to give what was essentially a bland marketing speech, with no competitive information. I believe he had planned to divulge most of the juicier pricing and handset information at this event, but with this information being so commercially sensitive, they obviously do no (read the entire post)...

Ubuntu 9.04 Synaptic Package Manager with ISA proxy

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After installing Jaunty on my work laptop, I was having trouble getting apt / Synaptic working, despite system-wide settings for proxy, and application specific settings.

After trawling teh intarweb, I came up with this...

Download and install the .deb, edit /etc/cntlm.conf then start cntlm with this command:

sudo /etc/init.d/cntlm start

Configure Synaptics proxy to localhost:3128 and all should be well :-)

(Newbie way to edit the conf file is to hit ALT+F2 and run the command sudo gedit) (read the entire post)...

Vodafone successfully delays launch of Telecoms XT Network until interference resolved

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 7-May-2009 08:51

Court action resulted in a subsequent agreement between the telcos to have XT delay their launch by 2 weeks, and install additional equipment to prevent interference with the Vodafone network.

Vodafone and Telecom NZ have worked together over the last 48 hours to
reach a solution to resolve the issues between them, which have been
identified by both parties.

This agreement has been reached by both parties, to achieve the best
outcome for their customers, the telecommunications industry and all New

Telecom has agreed to extend its network filter installation programme, in
order to help resolve the interference issues identified as impacting
Vodafone mobile customers.

Vodafone has agreed to discontinue the injunction proceedings.

Telecom's new XT mobile network will go live for New Zealanders by the end
of May 2009.

(read the entire post)...

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