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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 8-Aug-2006 15:50

Internet auction giant,, having become the #1 real estate website in New Zealand is now chasing the same success with Trademe Jobs.

A quick look around the site reveals a typical Trademe-esque method of searching and browsing listings. It is free to browse and apply for jobs, and costs potential employers or recruiters only $49, or on promo till Thursday night, $25.

Compare this with the cost of local newspaper advertising, which can fetch around $300 - $500 for a small box type ad, it sounds like pretty good value - especially given Trademes huge membership, and ease of use of their site.

Existing Trademe members are already joined up, so they dont have to do much of anything to attract new users.

Nice one Trademe - I think this will be a huge success, put a number of players out (or nearly) out of the industry altogether, and force the remainder to really innovate.

What a smart move, and I think this will really prove Trademes ability to enter and immediately dominate a market, as players on all sides (advertisers & members) rush to avoid missing out on the wave of fresh content & visitors.

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Comment by alasta, on 8-Aug-2006 20:33

It's not surprising that they would offer listings at a very reasonble price to get the momentum going, but Trademe does have a history of raising their prices dramatically as soon as they have the market hooked.

Even so, I agree with you that this will probably be a successful venture. It will be interesting to watch it evolve.

Comment by kerkido, on 8-Aug-2006 22:58

I can just see it now.. trademe monopolising the barter industry :p *Shudder*

Comment by steven Kempton, on 12-Aug-2006 07:45

I think they will definitely be major players. Especially due to traffic and lower costs. But they are still going to have the same problem that even the major job boards and newspapers have at the moment. 3% unemployment means that the best people aren't spending their time trolling through what is an increasingly huge number of job listings. They are busy working....

Comment by Grant, on 14-Aug-2006 15:31

What is trademe now anyway?


Property Site?

Car site?

I always thought it was an online auction site, I think now it is getting confusing to what trademe actually is?

Who cares about trademe anymore, anyway, they sold out, its owned by the Aussies now, I think the nz users will be better off supporting a New Zealand Business these days, keep it in the nz family I say, well done trademe u made ur $ now move over and let another NZ company take over ur place instead of taking over the other NZ markets and giving the $ to the Australians...

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 14-Aug-2006 15:44

are you for real? they have made sure that they are diverse enough to handle any one part of their business taking a downturn. thats smart. we know what trademe is, they are auctions, cars, property and jobs. You know that, because you listed them. Do you think Telecom New Zealand should **only** do say, voice pstn lines, because any more products than that would confuse the customer, so steer clear of data pipes, mobile networks and song id ?

I dont care who owns trademe. I stick my stuff on, and it sells. It has users. More than anyone else. I get better reach, better prices and faster sales.

"Move over" ??? What the hell? Are you on drugs. You dont build a successful company, to simply "move over" when you get to the top, to let another guy have a go. This is not the boyscouts Grant, this is business, which you clearly dont seem to have a clue about.

Comment by Grant, on 15-Aug-2006 11:35

Calm down Tony..

All I am saying is that New Zealanders will benefit more in the long run if they support New Zealand owned business/websites when they can and Trademe is no longer a New Zealand owned business as far as I am concerned...

You may not care who owns tradme but some people do, the power lies with the users not the owners.

Comment by asianbro, on 22-Aug-2007 12:55

This explains Seek's sudden rush of TV ads campaign (pretty good ads I think).

Unfortunately, as Grant has pointed out, Trademe is now an Aussie owned company (and a private one too). Seek is also an Aussie owned company I believe.

I'm not that convince though that that fact alone will help any Trademe challenger.

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