CDMA Nokia 6265 with Bluetooth doing cool stuff

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 9-Aug-2006 12:05

I just downloaded the latest version of Nokias always-getting-better PCSuite, which has gone from functional but flaky, to, well, i was going to say market leading, but they always have been. Anyway - on with the show...

Heres what my 2 megapixel (yes folks thats 6x4" photo quality) bluetooth Telecom New Zealand Camera phone does, all completely automatically, with ZERO keypresses, when I arrive in my home:

  • auto connects via bluetooth to my home pc.
  • synchronises with outlook 2003's contacts, calendar, tasks and notes (2 way sync) although note that for tasks and calendar, only the subject line is transferred to the phone (this may change the way you use these items in outlook, like being to-the-point in the subject line) all reminders are also set on the phone, and the phone beeps at the right times when the calendar items come up.
  • auto copies all new photos and videos on the phone to a pre-specified folder on the desktop (and if i choose can auto delete those files from the phone once done).
All without intervention. Great for a non-PDA phone in my opinion!

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Comment by Brenda, on 9-Aug-2006 19:02

so it's doing what my Ericsson could do back 6 years ago. (except the photos bit)

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 9-Aug-2006 19:15

Yes. Little Miss rain-on-my-parade.


Doesnt your 6 yr old Ericcson have 2MP cam ?

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