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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 10-Aug-2006 09:57

Looking for a place to chat to other kiwis? We have our own chat room. Feel free to join anytime.

There are a few different ways to join:

Easy way : Click here to use our Java chat (less functional, less pretty, easier to get started)

Normal way : Download an IRC client like Xchat, mIRC or pIRCH98 and enter the IRC settings below. (much more functional and better looking)

We have people in our channel all the time. Most are kiwis, and its a friendly place. You are requested to be polite and respectful at all times to all users.

This is not a "hookup" or "dating" channel. You should not start asking "A.S.L.?" or other similar questions. Its just a friendly hangout place with a tech/geek influence (by virtue of its members & name).

You are encourage to register your nickname using the instructions below.

We welcome idling.

Our IRC settings are as follows:

Network: ZiRC
Room / channel: #geekzone

Some common commands are:

Changing your name:
/nick BobSmith

Joining the channel:
/join #geekzone

Registering your name:
/nickserv register

Logging on to a registered nickname:
/nickserv identify

Automatically join chat everytime you log into the ZiRC server:
/nickserv ajoin #geekzone

Send a private message to someone:
/msg usersname message goes here

Other rooms/channels of interest on ZiRC:

#jamman2110 - The hilarious JAMMAN2110 Show (Hi James)
#nz - not subject to restrictions above (non-geeky!) (#nz is looking for moderators / channel operators [and chatters for that matter])
#chitters - an international room, with relaxed language and nice people (non-geeky!) (hi flic)

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Comment by chiefie, on 10-Aug-2006 11:39

I know Bob Smith personally, but it's not the Bob Smith from Woosh though... hehe

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 10-Aug-2006 11:41

hmmm... maybe i need to find a new fictional name...

Comment by JAMMAN2110, on 10-Aug-2006 12:13

Hey Tony!

Comment by nicole kingi, on 19-Apr-2007 12:07

hey all talk 2 me k xoxoxoxo

Comment by icie, on 3-May-2007 04:43

Comment by Sarah St. Michaels, on 12-Sep-2007 02:10

I am not a Kiwi but a Kiwi wantabe. My Daughter has a home in Dargaville. I plan to visit in Feb or March of 08. I am hoping to make connections in NZ. Please dont hold it aginst me but I am from America. I live in Hawaii and CA. I am an adventurer and have wanted to see NZ,its beauty and its wonderful people. Mahalo Sarahsarong

Comment by Marcelo Bernardino, on 15-Sep-2007 03:04

I want to register myself to be able to talk.

Comment by waleed, on 13-Mar-2008 07:33


Comment by Abdul Salam, on 27-Mar-2008 18:25


Comment by Sarah St. Michaels, on 8-Sep-2008 07:54

Kia Ora I left a message on this site a while back. I am Sarah and I am from the states. I will arrive in NZ on the 2ed of Jan. 2009 and am looking meet locals esp. in the Dagaville area or Donnellys Crossing. I will be traveling thoughout NZ for 7 weeks. I want to camp at the Great Barrier Island and would like some imput about other places to visit from locals and natives (Mowery) as I am Native (Chotaw tribe)American. My email is and I will reply to all email. Please help me to make this the trip of my lifetime with your imput. Mahalo Sarah

Comment by Ruby, on 22-Sep-2008 21:39

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Comment by avalon, on 5-Nov-2008 21:18

hi im avalon and i like to chat to heap and heaps of new people.

Comment by mahmoud, on 24-Dec-2008 05:47

im mahmoud from palistin and im working in saudya arebya befor 23 yers

Comment by Pippz33, on 27-Mar-2009 19:11

I am looking for a woman who will be with me straight away if you like what you see why dont we get to know each other what do you think lol I dont judge anyone but if someone judges me I do the same back.... woohoo! let's get it on hahahahaha

Comment by jessica, on 7-Apr-2009 14:16

hello everyone how are u all.i hope someone would like to chat with me some time:)

Comment by Mr.kaldi, on 9-Apr-2009 15:53

I am from UAE, I am graduate student looking for someone help me to get a visa to new zeleand , i don`t know if it`s easy or not, i want to make some english corses there, and practice my english with who language is his native language. see you

Comment by nadja, on 22-Jul-2009 08:32

Hello together... i would like to go to NZ for working, but didn`t really know how i can do it...? maybe somebody can recommend me, where should i go to find a good job and a cheap room to live. In this way i`m especialy looking for a person, who can show me the country and the culture...i will be glad, if somebody get in touch with me... regards nadja

Comment by Magic-Fx, on 27-Mar-2015 11:37

[11:35] * Looking up [11:35] * Connecting to ( [11:35] * Connection failed (Connection timed out)I would move your channel to because our server is hosted locally and much more stable than all these so-called NZ based servers I am coming across.Just saying...

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