Domain Speculation

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 31-Aug-2006 09:02

The domain name: ...

.... is clearly for sale by its owner.

But you have to ask yourself, why? Its not on the first page of Google results for the search terms 'new zealand jobs' and i doubt its even in the first 5 pages of results.

The job website market here has been saturated, dominated and then re-dominated again.

They must make a LOT of money from advertising on the holding page, or be very very stupid.

I just dont get... What am I missing?

If I wanted to enter the job ad market, surely I would just pick another domain name that wasnt in use, and pay $40 bucks to register, rather than the $200, $500 or $5000 that the owner of the domain above might want?

Can I go and register thousands of domain names related to important & popular categories on the net, knowing that they will never be of any real use, in the hope that some poor sucker will buy it from me, and in the mean time, rake in more than the hosting/registration cost in advertising revenue?

Cause if those two arent in the running for financially viable reasons to do it, then what the hell is?

Is it just another form of spam?

Just clutter on the internet, that helps to muddy, devalue, contribute to the worthlessness of, the internet?

More questions than answers here, I know, and perhaps they are rhetorical?

Who knows...

Not me.

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