Trademe Becomes Biggest Fish In Pond In Just 3 Weeks

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 31-Aug-2006 09:36

As mentioned previously on my blog, I think Trademe has an ability to dominate whatever it puts its mind to.

What a smart move, and I think this will really prove Trademes ability to enter and immediately dominate a market

And we have just witnessed this again, with, a mapping service not totally unlike Wises or Google Maps.

The latest news comes care of Hitwise which shows that in the space of only 3 weeks, Trademes is now biggest fish in the pond, with top spot for traffic in the Travel/Maps category.

49% of this traffic has come directly from Trademes own on-site advertising on their popular auction website, and the rest is presumed to have come from me. (or other sources... who knows these things for sure?...)

From the Hitwise report:

Smaps now holds close to 30% of market share in the Travel - Maps industry, prevailing in what has become an increasingly competitive space over the last 3 months; with players including Google Maps (, Wises ( and new comer, Yellow Pages Maps (

The technology behind smaps is powered by New Zealand start-up, ProjectX Technology ( who also created mapping website, ZoomIn ( ZoomIn ranked at #6 position for the week ending August 19, 2006.

So again - well done to the Trademe team. Nice to see a company that has been through a major change still out there with good ideas and the drive to move forward.

Regardless of where ownership lies, the ability to innovate, make money, drive visitors to a new venture, and just plain own the local maps market, is amazing. (its a real link) <--- Wises just got owned (pwned) by, so it will be interesting to see how they react, and attempt to regain some momentum.

I certainly wouldnt like to be the meat in the sandwich between Google and Trademe!

To all the naysayers who piss and moan about the $700m sale, and think Trademes ability to be a good Kiwi Business Citizen has ended - get over yourselves. Tall poppy syndrome in this country is just going to far. If I saw Sam Morgan in a bar, I would buy him a beer and shake his hand.

Mark: A+
Comment: The Trademe/smaps team has been a joy to have in this years class. I fail to understand why the other kids pick on him...

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 31-Aug-2006 12:31

But WISES sucks, Bloated website, crap search results, horrible ads and the ads are still static images in tiny little frames.

SMAPS is great, Hats off to trademe for basically copying Google maps and making them work fantastically. I have resumed bidding on TM now i can find places again and their mobile bidding no longer means I have to haul a harrier, asides the price rises, the sale has been good so far.

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