Geekzone 2006 Conference A Success

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 19-Sep-2006 18:35

On Saturday 16th September 2006, we held our 2nd Wellington Geekzone conference. A great time was had by all.

I began my weekend by heading to Wellington on the Friday night, and staying at the Tea Store Apartments on Egmont St - only a few minutes walk from the Paramount Theatre, where the event was held (which was good - no taxis, or expensive parking required)

There were several prizes given out, including a 2GB USB Flashdrive that I won, courtesy of

At the conference we heard from Rod Drury, Jay Templeton, Jethro the Linux dude, and Nathan Mercer (Microsoft), video of which will be posted when I have time to upload and edit (some of which is happening as we speak), and also comes to terms with Mac OS and iMovie HD (Im on my 2nd day ever of Mac usage).

After the conference, we went to Little India for dinner, which was really nice, although with a much larger group this time round, it felt a little more fragmented, and unlike last year, we did not migrate to another restaurant for dessert.

Having said that, several of us went to "The Establishment" on Courtney Place, and proceeded to partake of varying amounts of liquor, and surprisingly for once, I was not the last one left standing. After many late nights, and having been away from home since Thursday morning, it all started to catch up on me, and I bailed around 3am after Brad and I had a not-so-awesome kebab.

Thanks to inane for helping spearhead a good time with the netball girls at the private function upstairs.

It was great to meet many more Geekzoners in person, including (but not limited to) JAMMMAN2110, psychrn, bradstewart, juha (you look NOTHING like your avatar dude), jpwise, retardinator, lokinz, and others, and to again see sbiddle, chris021, Mauricio & Jan (and the oh so gorgeous Isabella), Peter, and the rest of the crew, sorry for those I left out of that list, im feeling 5/8ths of kinda tired at the moment!

So, to seeing some old friends, and making some new ones, I say thankyou everyone. You all helped make GZ06 a complete evolution over last year, and im sure GZ07 will be a big evolution again on last weekend.

To all those I didnt really get much of a chance to talk to, I hope you enjoyed yourselves, and we hope to see you again next year!

Notable absences: Kel, Gary & John, hope to see you three next year as well.

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Comment by alasta, on 19-Sep-2006 20:30

The netball girls were devestated that you didn't return after your kebab mission. They were all jumping off the balcony in despair!

Comment by chiefie, on 19-Sep-2006 20:46

Sorry Tony, will try harder to be there for GZ07. But am glad you geeks got the great time!

Comment by bradstewart, on 19-Sep-2006 21:08

Are you talking about the ones that followed us back to the hotel Alasta?

Comment by freitasm, on 19-Sep-2006 21:08

All good stuff! It was great to see everyone and you Tony... Isabella chuckles.


Comment by juha, on 19-Sep-2006 21:43

Yes I do.

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