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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 21-Mar-2006 08:27


I recieved an email today from which redirects to (Deliberatley not linked). They were saying that a friend 'wanted me to win a playstation portable (PSP)' and all I had to do was use their service or recommend other friends.

They didnt give a name of who recommended me, nor any contact details, no method or offer of unsubscription.

Their website is done in terrible fonts, looks like it was made in five minutes in publisher 98, uses tacky 'WordArt', they havent bothered to name the page (title in Explorer is "Untitled document"), and the 'info' link doesnt go anywhere (not even hyperlinked to anything).

Lets go to and see what we can find out.... is owned by Colin Charles from Tech Rentals ( is owned by ltd with the admin name of "Louise" (no surname given). The address for this one is the same as the address for, so im assuming Louise is Colins partner who had a "great" idea and had a (very) little technical help from hubby?

Techrentals name is plastered all over this, but I wonder if they actually are involved, or if Colin is just an employee using his work email address for other pursuits (as we all do now and again).

I have emailed them back (yeah yeah i know you are not meant to, but this isnt some big American 4 million emails an hour spam merchant, its Louise and Colin in Upper Hutt).

UPDATE: While writing this, Stephen Charles the Managing Director of this behemoth of a corporation CCed me in on email to Louise and asked her to send me the name and email address of my friend (good - I will enjoy slapping my friend upside the back of the head for giving my email address out for this sort of thing. He included his cellphone number which was nice, but I think he is missing the point, that I dont really care who nominated me, their marketing tactics are bad netiquette, and their website is severely sub-par. But more to the point I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN SPAMMED. This means I will NEVER USER YOUR SERVICE.

In summary, if Colin, Louise, Stephen or anyone at or Courierconnect or Techrentals reads this:


It must be said that if they had given the name of the referrer, and offered a 'dont contact me again' option, I wouldnt have gone off the deep end like this.

So there.

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Author's note by tonyhughes, on 21-Mar-2006 09:57

P.S. It was my mother who nominated me. Why she wants to submit addresses to win a PSP I dont know - she wouldnt know a UMD disc from an MS Pro Duo if both of them leapt up (really high) and looked her in the face. (Sorry Ma, call 'em how I see em).

Comment by alasta, on 21-Mar-2006 21:10

I would be surprised in Tech Rentals were implicated in this. We used their services at work recently and were disappointed by their sky high prices, but they still seem to be a reasonably reputable and well established outfit. In any case, who needs enemies when you've got friends who give your email address to spammers!

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 21-Mar-2006 21:19

Yeah, I think the extent is that an employee or shareholder of the company doing the spamming has got the spamming domain registered with a techrentals email address. If I was a reputable company, I wouldnt be happy about that. For goodness sake - get with the program, its 2006, and everyone in the entire world knows that spamming is bad. I have thousands of email addresses on file, but I dont spam people when I have a new venture to promote.

Comment by Louise, on 30-Mar-2006 20:54

Yeah we get the point.. We must change the owner of It was a site set up many years ago by my father for my brother, and he must have used his only email address at the time. He does not own ZX Limited nor is he a Director. Tech Rentals has nothing to do with this I would like to say I do apologise for this embarresment for my father and the Company he works for. We will do what we can to change the öwnership the this site ASAP. His Company and my father do not condone spamming at all, nor do we. As Tony says we only emailed Tony at the bequest of his mother who entered a competition. I do apologise that I did not mention who had passed on his email address to us. This procedure has now been changed. Signed Louise Charles, daughter of Colin Charles.

Comment by Colin Charles, on 30-Mar-2006 22:50

Hi Tony, Hi Alasta.. This bog has just been bought to my attention.. Yes Tony I hate spammers I don't blaim you for blowing up about it. I have been involved with the draft of the legislation to make spamming illegal in NZ. If it is ever passed into law it will draw on that legislation used in Australia and the UK. Yes I did register but it was done to sell on to the company that owns as it was the last 2 letter domain available in NZ at the time and were looking at coming to NZ at the time. However that did not eventuate so it was passed on to my son and daughter who have owned this site for about the past 10 years. Yes, the site is not the best, put together I believe in 5 minutes in Macromedia Dreamweaver, but despite that has been very succesfull. Only been up for a few weeks as a test,now the hard work will go in to improve it, given that they only have a limited budget and are still youngsters.. Alasta, thanks for your comments, fedback such as your is appreciated. I am surprised about the "sky high prices" however and aways like to know when we a charging more than our competitors. We pride ourselves on having a quality product at a competitive price, so would welcome your email on this subject. Yes we are reputable and well established (for almost 30 years! a long time in this industry). Back to spamming, I have just checked with the draft for the Spamming legislation and yes when this is passed into legislation it will stop the unsolicitated emails coming from NZ Companies (unfortunatly only about 8% of these emails come out of NZ). Steven and Louise, have noted your comments and will be doing what you have suggested in the future. Thanks for the feedback.. Regards Colin ps. You may still want to use their services their pricing is fantastic you would be "cutting off your nose to spite your face"... by not using their services..

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