Telecom warranty service - ADSL Wifi Router

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 21-Mar-2006 13:42

R.I.P. - D-Link DSL-G604T ADSL+4xLAN+WiFi router - dead after only 3 months. I had purchased it from Telecom directly over the phone, charged to my phone account, and last night the WiFi radio stopped emitting any signal whatsoever. I had to relocate it from my Linux server box in the garage where it was feeding me, family, and neighbour with broadband access, to the lounge so I could plug in a cat5 cable and get some DSL loving back. (To the detriment of the other users on my little network).

Expecting a battle, and to be told to return it to a dealer, I called 123, who answered within about 2 minutes, told me I needed Xtra, and transferred me. She put me through to the correct department which was nice, so I didnt have to negotiate Xtras phone menu.

30 seconds on hold, and about 30 seconds chatting to establish I knew what I was talking about, and my router -was- faulty (not my PC as first suggested by the rep), and he said "Thats fine sir, we will courier a new one to you immediately, along with a courier bag for the faulty one to send back".

Good service - thanks Telecom. (It surprised me).

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Comment by freitasm, on 21-Mar-2006 15:11

There are some good folks in all companies. Working for a large organisation doesn't make anyone bad. But certainly we hear more about the bad experiences, so it's good to read about some good work done.

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