Nokia 6255 suffers SFPS (Sudden Broken Phone Syndrome)

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 21-Mar-2006 14:13

Whats that you say - a typo... no, the phone is well and truly mucked, i mean trucked, i mean pucked, oh - broken....

Dead Nokia 6255

Seeing as no one can force me to say what happened to this, I will just keep my mouth shut...

The search begins for a new phone. I wont get the same model - it has aged badly (although it was a good phone). Would like a 5600, but it has no bluetooth, and I dont feel like paying $799 for a 6265... ugh.

Come on Telecom - give me a sub $500 phone with bluetooth and a 1MP camera... even if we have to buy memory cards ourselves rather than have them bundled...

No cellphone for 24 hours and counting has been peaceful. Im in no hurry to replace it!

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Comment by Brenda, on 21-Mar-2006 17:35

how about a nokia 6265 or one of those samsung blue things.

Comment by bradstewart, on 22-Mar-2006 01:38

Oh i am so jealous. I wanted my 6255 to look like that!!!! Seriuously though what did you do to it? Looks great. Buy a 6265, you will never regret it

Comment by Hollywood Movie Wallpaper, on 24-Jul-2007 19:32

i have recently purchased a nokia 6255 mobile, can i use it as gsm moblie.

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