A baby on the way, and some parental leave...

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 11-Oct-2006 17:03

Some of you know (and many probably dont), that my partner and I have a baby boy on the way. 24 weeks pregnant now, and one month into my new job, I request unpaid parental leave for the time of the birth, plus some time to settle everyone in at home, and get into a routine, and help out.

I emailed the request, and my manager marched straight into my office with a resounding 'yes', and on the spot, also offered me a short amount of paid leave for that time (which was completely unexpected), and a willingness to be flexible on exactly when my leave is taken (and whether i want to break it up into a couple of lots).

Cant ask for better than that. I think its really important for dads to be as involved as possible, and part of that involves having the support of everyone in your life, including your employer.

Thanks gen-i (and Grattan)

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Comment by psychrn, on 11-Oct-2006 17:16

Excellent news Tony

Comment by freitasm, on 11-Oct-2006 17:17

I knew about the baby, but once again congratulations to both (or three) of you. And congratulations to Gen-i for showing a good side on its employment relationship.


Comment by blahbmc, on 11-Oct-2006 18:08

Congratulations on the baby front - how exciting.

Speaking of gen-i, I got an email this morning (just a forwarded joke email, or so I thought) referring me to call a certain gen-i office line to listen to their new automated phone system. After listening to the list of options, the email prompted me to press 4. So I rang the number, listened to the list (the description of option 4 already had me smiling) and I proceeded to press option 4 - great laugh.

"Press 4 if you'd like to hear a duck quack"

I won't post the phone number on here for obvious reasons. I don't normally come off the phone from gen-i/telecom with a big grin on my face

Comment by juha, on 11-Oct-2006 18:27

Good luck with the sprog popping... and this time, make sure you don't faint during the big moment, mmkay?

Comment by timbosan, on 11-Oct-2006 20:20

Hey Tony, first of all congrats!  Second, I didn't know you worked for gen-i, so do I!  Well, stricly speaking Telecom, at Mayoral Drive, but there all one in the same now.  Can I ask what you do there?

Comment by nzbnw, on 11-Oct-2006 21:20

Congratulations Tony and Partner!

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