Unconstrained ADSL Mixed Results For Kiwis

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 27-Oct-2006 18:58

With ADSL broadband speeds going unconstrained for most users in New Zealand, there seems to be a mixed bag of results, which was completely expected.

My own results have been varied, and during off peak times have ranged from 1.4 up to 6.9Mbps - the latter being near the higher end of what people can expect, should they be close to a Telecom exchange (as I am).

My results on a wifi connected laptop however were consistently far worse at averages of 1.2 to 1.5Mbps, even using 802.11g merely 8 unobstructed feet from the router. I thought I might be able to attribute some of this to the fact that I am using standard WPA encryption on my link, so I turned WPA off, and left my system open, which increased my WIFI performance to equal that of my wired performance, with the peak speed over a couple of tests being about 6Mbps.

Of course WPA needs to be turned back on to secure my network, so I guess any large downloads will be set up to come down via a cable-connected PC in my home.

It looks like it really is a bit of a free for all, and in general I personally havve come out better off (for now).

Im sure there are many people out there experiencing very degraded service as they compete with heavy users on the same DSLAMs.

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Comment by antoniosk, on 27-Oct-2006 19:06

Your experience mirrors mine.

I am now on 7616/160 speeds with TelstraClear PDQ in Wellington. I've been able to get up to 2.8mbps under good conditions.

Last night, this morning and this evening I have seen speeds closer to 1.2mbps, although the upstream speeds are still around 130kbps.

So there you go, the great unconstrained service becomes the great average service. Exactly as predicted by Telecom and the other ISP's.

One can't help but think that the punishment of the government by Telecom has just only begun. Too bad for the folks paying for services though....

Comment by sbiddle, on 27-Oct-2006 19:41

It must be hard being a TCL employee and having to put up with ADSL knowing how great the cable network

a) is
b) should be
c) could be

Pick a,b or c as appropiate depending on the day of the week. :-)

Comment by paradoxsm, on 27-Oct-2006 20:48

I'm on a very Crowded Exchange (ellerslie) and on my current plan, I get 1.5Mbps maximum due to poor line conditions and hideous overhead spider-wires. And of course,,, the whole network degradation,,, just like when woosh "uncapped" the data speed.


Comment by Lonney, on 28-Oct-2006 07:42

I think it needs to be made clear the difference between the speed that you ADSL router negotiates over your line to the exchange (anything up to 8mbps down and 1mbps up in theory, Wikipedia has an excellent article on how ADSL works ) *and* the actual through-put you'll get from your ISP which is dependant on 1st) The exchange backhaul 2nd) The ISP's internal capacity/pipe size to the internet and how busy things are. Xtra having 60%? of the ISP market will and does often suffer from capacity issues at peak times. With an unconstrained line, the download speed can and will exceed that of a wireless network now. I run an 802.11g network at home with WPA-PSK TKIP encryption I get a max through-put of 2.5mb/sec @ 54mbps, which would cope with what ADSL can throw its way. However those with 802.11a,b running WEP/WPA can max out as low as 400kb/sec, I have seen over 600kb/sec down and an average of 82kb/sec up from the unconstrained (both ways) ADSL at work.

Comment by antoniosk, on 28-Oct-2006 19:18

I'll let you know on Tuesday Steve.... the cable guy comes on Monday....

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