Backup Exec 11d Out Today

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 6-Nov-2006 16:52

Symantec launches the latest version of backup exec - right while im in the middle of managing someone elses disaster that was a version 9 meltdown, trying to migrate them to 10d whilst Symantec undergoes some changes in their systems, and delays delivery.

Now I have to decide whether to put someone into the older (10d) version as planned, and know that the timeframes and capabilities are a known factor, or take a punt on putting them into 11d which was shoved under my nose today.

Given they have not had a backup in "a wee while", I plan to NOT invoke Murphys Law, and instead run with the existing proposed solution - which, given Murphys annoying ability to flip-flop at any time, and lay even the best designed plans to complete and utter waste, could well spell disaster anyway. 

Kill me. Kill me now.

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