Gizmo Project Ate My Credit Card (A VoIPers nightmare)

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 7-Nov-2006 19:04

Okay, so I have a prepaid credit card so i can use e-commerce with sites anywhere on the net, and the most i could possibly lose through fraud is the credit i loaded on it.

I wanted some Skype credit, no problem - went to the site, topped up, got my credit immediately.

Gizmo Project (im testing some VoIP services at the moment), gave me the option of $20USD or $10USD. I selected $10, and put in my details, and it failed, rejecting my purchase.

So then I re-do it, carefully re-entering each digit, and again selecting $10 credit. Again, no purchase.

Fine. Gizmo Project loses my business. No big deal.

Now I decide to check my balance on the card, and hey ho - Gizmo has deducted not the approx $20NZD that it would have cost me, had the purchase been successful, but THIRTY DOLLARS, and it did this TWICE, so even though they rejected the purchase (bad card details they said), they have debited my card by SIXTY NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS.

I have Googled this situation, and think that they have 'reserved' the amounts to guarantee payment - BUT THEY DIDNT ACCEPT MY CARD DETAILS, AND WONT GIVE ME ANY CREDIT.

I have lodged a support ticket with all relevant details with Gizmo, but by all accounts, its weeks before I get the credit back.

Poor. Very poor.

I will not do any further business with the Gizmo Project unless they change this policy.

Skype may be viewed as evil by some, but hell - they take my money, and give me what they promised...

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Comment by Ladyhawknz, on 24-Nov-2006 21:50

Hi Im trying to find decent prepaid credit card for NZer's - what site did you get yours from? Cheers

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