NZ Post Prepaid VISA Credit Card "Prezzy Card"

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 7-Nov-2006 21:17

So you can now get a prepaid Visa card in New Zealand. Heres the deal:

Walk into a NZ Post outlet with any method of payment (e.g. cash), tell them you want to buy a "Prezzy Card" or "Prepaid VISA", and they will ask you what value.

Pay them, they charge it up, and you leave with a valid VISA card with that set limit of credit you loaded on - not a credit check in sight (or even a record of your identity).

Very cool.

Nervous about ecommerce fraud - not any more, the most you could ever lose is the amount you topped the card up with.

The more credit the better for the value stakes, as you get charged $5 per card, whcih can only be charged once - at the time of purchase. No recharges.

keep your card after use if you could ever require a refund on your purchase (retailers refund to the card a purchase was made on).

Small surcharge for international purchases.

In the Ts & Cs it states that you must pay back any shortfall if your card goes into negative balance. But they dont take ANY id when getting these cards - so there may be some loophole, which im sure would be fraudulent... but interesting nonetheless.

The card itself unfortunately uses the name "PREZZY CARD HOLDER" and has "Prezzy Card" in big letters across it. What a shame....

It cant be used on gambling sites, and you cant get cash out of it. They ONLY work for electronic transactions (but not ATMs) - so good for EFT-POS machines, and e-commerce sites, or phone orders. No zip-zap here.

Min buy amount is $25 (with a whopping 20% card charge of $5), or max amount of $500 (brings that $5 surcharge down to 1%)

What a great product!!

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Comment by bradstewart, on 7-Nov-2006 22:02

I brought one of these last week. Its a fantastic idea. Although it is a shame about the 'Prezzy Card' written on it.

Works great online too. If only they were rechargable...

Comment by chiefie, on 7-Nov-2006 22:34

Yup. I blogged about it about 2 weeks ago.

Comment by TheBartender, on 8-Nov-2006 00:45

Yup I read Chefie's blog on that one, great idea, Ill be using it
Shame about the name...
And if only they were rechargable, yup

Comment by sbiddle, on 8-Nov-2006 06:47

So Visa will let you go into debit with the card and then expect you to pay the amount back? Doesn't that destroy one of the principals of the card?

Comment by chiefie, on 8-Nov-2006 07:39

you don't have to pay them back, essentially you purchase the credit that you want, and a fee of $5 for the card. And whatever amount you "deposit" on the card will be the fund that is available for use as a VISA credit card. As pointed out, the maximum is $500. Not so much when you want to take this card to places like US or UK where the $500 becomes US$325 or UK Pound 110.

Comment by barnaclebarnes, on 8-Nov-2006 09:01

ditto on the rechargable front. What a waste of resources making them single use. A waste of printing, packaging, and staff time. It would be great if you could actually recharge them over the internet via a bank tranfer or another credtit card.

A great idea for shopping on an internet site you don't fully trust.

Comment by alasta, on 8-Nov-2006 09:46

Obviously each card issued must have its own unique credit card number, so if these things are disposable then that must be a waste of card numbers.

I suppose they get reallocated once the card's balance has been zero for a certain period of time.

Comment by Cameron Hicks, on 27-Nov-2006 19:05

Im 13, Could I get one by just walking in and asking?

Comment by Zulu, on 4-Dec-2006 22:29

Or you could try Scheme (Visa or MasterCard) Debit Cards. Currently only available at Westpac in NZ but coming soon to other Bank's near you:

Comment by Anish, on 29-Dec-2006 04:56

I really liked NZ Post Prezzy Card. It worked great online for me.

Some pointers that other banks or NZPost may consider soon to make it even better.

1. Make it a prepay card which is not disposable. Print names on the card.

2. Make it so that people holding the card can TOP up anytime.

3. Increase the max amount to at least 500 Pounds instead of 110 pounds.

If this happens, NZ Post will have 100's and 1000's of more customers. I can bet it on it.

Comment by andy spierer, on 29-Jan-2007 14:12

well...imagine being in a provincial place in Germany, enter a bank, slip the card in the ATM and don't forget, enter your 4 (!) digit pin, enter the amount and - voila - the soft euros you've asked for! How satisfying. imagine finding an ATM with a displayed VISA logo in NZ, (BNZ being the only one I could find in Thames, you'd think KIWI Bank would allow for that!), enter card, pin etc. and...uh-uhhh,

it keeps your card, causes you hassles and makes you dream of annoying.

Comment by max burke, on 13-Feb-2007 22:43

An American journalist is asking if/when they're coming to the states:

Comment by pulsta, on 24-May-2007 10:46

A great alternative is a site called

This is a pre-paid credit card buying service...only for NZ websites (and bricks and morter retail)

Comment by Catherine Shepherd, on 19-Dec-2007 15:51

What a drama when you go to the Post shop & try to pay for your card(s)

Firstly you can't buy them with your credit card & you can only buy one to the value of $100.00 with your EFTPOS card. So if you want to buy one for $200.00 and you don't have cash on you then you have to buy 2 if paying by EFTPOS & it will cost you $10.00!! You can of course buy them on line with your credit card & for that little privilige you pay $8.95 for each card. So perhaps it is a good idea in theory but costly if you think about it.

Comment by kristen stening, on 13-Jan-2008 16:13

ive used mine over the limit, it doesnt seem to have realised...

my balance and transactions online are missing afew purchases? although im not complaining! and yeah if you dont show id or pay with cash when getting the card, how are they going to know who i am and where to find me once they realise their mistake? hmmmmmmmmmmm

Comment by Jason Wakefield, on 24-May-2008 10:38

Have brought many 'Prezzy Cards' in the last couple of years, and a really good idea, except for the likes of already commented downfalls; but there is now a new solution to the gripes we have; the new 'Loadedcard' seems promising, im heading down to the 'Postshop' now to hand in my application.

- Reloadable

- No more re-registering 'Prezzy cards'

- No more horrible 'Prezzy card' in the top left corner (lol)

and a few more benefits for the first new 10k customers, check it out.


Comment by shaywal, on 20-Jun-2008 21:42

What is going on all the visa merchents i went to didn't accept my card and I put 500 n.z dollers on it was it like throwing away your money someone plese help me out

Comment by selwyn, on 13-Aug-2008 10:55

My loaded card was stolen in up nz post loaded card was sent to a woman in India hard to understand what she was saying,i found i had to wait 3-4 weeks for anew card i am London no money cant even get my money out by logging on .i emailed 2-3 times they didnt reply,Shame on you nz post..this is not good enoungh::

Comment by Mikey, on 17-Sep-2008 20:10

I know u cant use these cards on gambling sites but can you use them to buy chips on free texas hold em poker site?

Comment by paula, on 20-Sep-2008 08:37

you also can't use a cheque to buy them. my boss tried to get one for me and couldn't use a cheque or credit card. bit of a pain, but wouldn't put me off getting one for a gift.

Comment by Ollie Shaw, on 11-Oct-2008 14:41

This is awesome. Once i have finished my MMORPG i will be able to purchase a domain name with it! I am only 15, however ASB debit plus cards are expected at the end of this year! [inside sources]

Comment by vietnam visa, on 11-Nov-2008 22:45

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Comment by sweetbruni, on 22-Nov-2008 07:22

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Comment by Conan, on 31-Dec-2008 14:03

These cards are great. They are not Reloadable because kiwi bank has another option called the "Loaded" Card which it the same as prezzy card but you can Reload it :) LOADED CARD Loaded is a reloadable prepaid Visa card that you can use in New Zealand, overseas and online – giving you access to more than 24 million Visa retailers and over 1 million ATMs worldwide. You can also use your Loaded card to pay for online purchases. A Loaded card is similar to a prepaid mobile phone in that you need to load money onto it before you can use it. It's better than a standard debit card because the power of Visa allows you to use it online and internationally and you control the available credit on your card. And when your Loaded funds get low you can reload your card online, from a bank account or at your local PostShop, and keep spending! How can I get Loaded? Just complete the application form on the Loaded website or pick one up at your local PostShop. Who should get Loaded? Loaded is perfect if you: * Don't have a credit card but would like the functionality of one. * Shop online but don't want to use your credit card on the Internet. * Are too young or don't qualify for a credit card. * Want to stay in control of your money and avoid the risk of debt. * Want to help your children learn about money management – Loaded can be used as a way to pay pocket money or provide spending money for school trips. * Travel and don't want to take your bank cards with you. * Want access to exclusive Visa Entertainment offers. *New Zealand Post website. Prezzy card is what it does, if you want a reloadable you go for loaded. The only down fall with the card is it says "Prezzy card" on the card. Thanks.

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Comment by (unkown user), on 2-May-2010 16:22

it is awesome, my mum gave me her old one 4 my b-day but i still wonder whether i can put more money onto it???

Comment by Compaq Laptop Computers, on 21-Aug-2010 04:00

This is a pretty interesting concept. I'll have to try it.

Comment by JD, on 18-Nov-2010 19:40

How do you get a PIN and what do you choose Chq, Sav when doing EFTPOS purchases?

Comment by SJB, on 29-Jan-2011 22:58

And NZ post get to keep the 'unspendable' amt left on the card. Gooooooood stuff!!

Comment by Sarah, on 1-Jan-2014 15:20

I think I might have gone over a bit purchasing something off iTunes... How on earth do I clear that up and pay it back??

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