Forward incoming SMS automatically in WM5 Pocket PC Phone Edition

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 4-Dec-2006 12:25

A colleague has written an application to take all incoming sms messages on a WM5 device (HTC Apache, Treo 700wx, JASJAR, JASJAM, etc), and forward them automatically to another number, and has agreed to release it at zero cost.

The app would just be sending standard sms, so if you have an sms plan ($10 text, Bestmate, etc etc), then that pricing would still apply.

Possible scenarios:

Forward from a PDA to a normal phone if you are heading out to pub, beach, wherever, and dont want to take a PDA.

Forward from a device on one network (e.g. Telecom) to another device on different network (e.g. Voda) if you change networks and dont want to lose your texts for a while.

and im sure you can figure out loads more ways to use this app.

Keep an eye on this blog (add it to your RSS feeds), and I will post as soon as its ready.

I am interested to see if we can tweak it to filter messages by sender details or message content.

It is written and working right now, but hard coded for his needs, he is tweaking it to have an ini file to be editable for options.

Basically a call diversion service, but for sms.

Watch this space!

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Comment by chiefie, on 4-Dec-2006 12:42

is this for installation on WM5 only? or will it work on WM2003/SE too? Currently I'm using Jeyo mobile extender to sync two devices' SMS, works alright. Good for migrating SMS from one device to another.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 4-Dec-2006 13:16

apparently there is a workaround to get it working on WM2003, and I will ask him to detail the steps required...

Comment by Chris, on 16-Dec-2006 13:51

I know that I and many others would reeeeeallly love it if this application were able to forward to an e-mail address!

Comment by Rob, on 19-Dec-2006 02:15

Automatic SMS forward to a email will very nice, and auto SMS to Email, you can save international cost. Can i have the appilcation al ready to test it? Greeting Rob

Comment by Knocksock, on 22-Dec-2006 01:23

Hi! I have made a simple SMS Forward program also. This could be extended with many options, but haven't had the time.. Take a look at - you have to register. Click on link Nedlasting in the menu on the left side (sorry - we are running i-mate Support Norway, and its only in norwegian..but ofcoz, if you have device specific questions for an i-mate you can ofcourse write it in the Forum) So - go to Nedlasting->Pocket PC Utilities - there its called SMS Forward. For the moment only one phone number can be set.. All usage on own responsibility. DO NOT WRITE THE PHONE NUMBER ON THE DEVICE YOU RUN THE APPLICATION ON!

Comment by khairul, on 24-Feb-2007 18:57


Comment by Dave, on 3-Apr-2007 08:48

Any chance you plan to adapt this program for Palm? Have a treo 650 and want to autoreply to SMS's that I am temporarily using another number. Or do you know of another program that does that? THANKS!

Comment by DEWAYNE, on 15-Apr-2009 02:50

The website does not load. I can't fund the program. Any chance someone could post a link here or attach it to an email & send it to me? Thanks

Comment by sad daddy, on 3-Nov-2009 17:37

hi, i think my wife start cheating me all day when i'm in office. could anybody teach me how to forward all SMS that she receive all day without she realize that i do this ? please...

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