Apple opens ITMS iTunes Music Store in New Zealand

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 6-Dec-2006 08:30

The very long awaited NZ ITMS has been sprung upon us today, as noted by here. And while the DRM does not excite me, the iPod compatibility does.

I *want* to buy legal music, and will probably just strip the DRM out - not for any nefarious purpose, but so that I can listen to the music on my own terms, on any of my equipment.

I look forward to a system where if my partner wants a song, I can just say "buy it on iTunes", and she can get it on the iPod without intervention from me to have to download the song, strip the DRM out, import to iTunes and re-add the tag info, just to be able to listen to it the first time on an iPod.

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Comment by McDave, on 18-Dec-2006 13:07

She can already, just use it normally.

I'm sure you could strip the DRM in a batch if it makes things easier for you.


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