Why I Am Not An Engineer: Reasons # 732 and 733

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 11-Jan-2007 17:25

732: Just now whilst having an MSN conversation with someone on my laptop, which was precariously perched over a server (one that I own personally), I was eating a sandwich, made with bread sliced here at home (Edam, and burning hot mustard... mmmm), and a large peice of bread fell into the open case, while the server is running.

733: I will consider turning the server off and retrieving the bread off the motherboard, but not till after I have finished blogging about it.

Two of the many reasons I am in consultancy rather than hands-on in the field...

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Comment by JamesForman, on 12-Jan-2007 09:38

I thought you just picked that, I didn't think you were going to write a blog about it...

Comment by JamesForman, on 12-Jan-2007 09:39

Picked that out*
It's too early.

Comment by inane, on 12-Jan-2007 10:35

pfft, just grab it back out again!

I remember once taking my pc to a lan, as I went to set it up on the table a Fork fell out of it,

nfi how that got there.

Comment by JamesForman, on 12-Jan-2007 12:11

Am I the only one who keeps spare cutlery inside the computer intentionally?

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