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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 16-Jan-2007 17:37

With all the hubbub surrounding the about to be released iPhone, everyone knows the undisputable facts:

  • Its a high end phone.
  • Its locked down to Apple approved software.
  • Its non-3G.
  • Its available only on Cingular to begin with.
  • Its allegedly infringing Ciscos iPhone trademark.
  • Its quite a shift from the normal offerings from other cellphone makers.
Plus a whole boatload of both other undisputed, and some disputed facts.

Every blogger, msm journalist, forum troll, joe bloggs, my dog, the neighbours dog, the neighbours dogs cousins vets auntys dogwalkers boyfriends teacher, and others have had a crack at saying how great it is, or how terrible it is.

The fact is, its different. Whether its a good phone or a bad phone is of zero consequence. Whether people believe the lies and misinformation being spread by zealots in both camps is of zero consequence. What I can tell you, is that regardless of how you, or I, feel about this phone, Apple made it.

That means people will buy it. Lots of people. And most of them will be perfectly happy with it. A select few will be disappointed, and will Ebay or Trademe their new toy to the joy and delight of people who cant afford to buy a new iPhone, and this will drive the price of a secondhand one to within ~10% of the new article.

Apple will gladly soak up all the free publicity and feedback from the worlds most talked about cellphone, and use that free information to innovate further, and develop the unit to go from uber-successful to something even greater.

The people who dont own an iPhone will either:

  • Never want one because its such utter useless trash that they wouldnt waste their money.
  • Decide that their money is better utilised elsewhere, and spend a portion of it on a Windows or Palm Smartphone.
  • Not be seen dead with the worlds most overrated cellphone, because that would be social suicide.
  • Hock off everything they own until they can afford one.
  • Wait until prices fall, or a new generation arrives, and by buying old models, live a few months or years behind the pack.
I guess I may have missed a category or two, but im picking you got the point by now.

What you feel personally about the iPhone doesnt matter. Apple doesnt care. They will sell a lot of them. Just like the iPod haters & wreckers - it doesnt matter what they do or say - despite not being the cheapest, the most innovative, the highest capacity, the most open, or the most technically capable device, it is still number 1, in many places outselling all the competition combined.

I am not some Apple apologist. For the record though, I do own two iPods, and would probably like an iPhone (but being a CDMA user in New Zealand, I guess i might be between Guatemalans and the Kazakhs in terms of when iPhone will be available to me). The simple fact of the matter is I cant fathom the amount of effort that has been put in to bagging or defending the iPhone.

Most new products get a mention, the haters & wreckers say their peice once, the fans create a fan site and forums before the manufacter does, the Simpsons will be on at 6pm, and everyone lives in peace.

But this time round, it seems both sides want to start World War IV (my family claims the WWIII title). I dont know why this has generated SO much buzz, but it has.

I think everyone needs to get a grip, get a life, and get aware.

Heres an altered version of a lyrics extract: (System Of A Down: Boom!)

The bottom line is money,
Nobody gives a fuck.
4000 hungry children leave us per hour from starvation,
While billions are spent on phones, enabling mobility.

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