Setting up Asterisk PABX for 0800, 0508 and USA 1800 numbers. (Trixbox 2.0) - A newbies journey

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 16-Jan-2007 22:09

I am setting up an Asterisk PABX at home. Have played around with it in MS Virtual PC - got a machine together today to dedicate to running Asterisk natively on the box.

I installed Trixbox 2.0 and set up trunks using and (just for giggles really, im waiting for WorldxChange VFX to be available for Asterisk users).

I thought I would share some experiences as I go through. This will all be kindergarten stuff to seasoned Asterisk users, but im sure there are other newbies out there who will appreciate it. allows access to call NZ 0800 numbers and USA 1800 numbers with their free account - very handy. The 0800 number can just be dialled directly, so I set up an outbound route that recognises when I dial 0800, and passes the call out through the trunk.

Create a new outbound route, called tollfree,


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Comment by marat, on 2-Jul-2008 01:39

You did very well. I'm also planning to do like you and for now implement 0800 numbers as I see customers prefer to call toll free 0800 numbers. It's not so cheap for me as I just opened business and have many expenses, but I hope on good results and that profits will cover costs.

Comment by Susan, on 2-Jul-2008 01:52

Marat, you WILL benefit of a Free phone 0800 numbers, believe me. I was making research on this topic and it shows that 64% of customers will call a Free phone 0800 numbers first. And consumers see 0800 numbers as a sign that the company really wants their business. It's brilliant promotional tool (find more benefits here ), because using a 0800 numbers can increase response levels by up to 40% (source, Chartered Institute of Marketing).

Comment by Scott, on 9-Sep-2009 02:41

The link to the article is broken. Could you update it please? I am setting up an Asterisk PBX at my home and do not know how to enable friends to connect to my box from their house and have not been able to find any information on how to do it. Could you please enlighten me? Thanks!

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