Belkin WiFi Router & DLINK 504T Getting The Boot After Less than 24hrs

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 19-Jan-2007 12:41

After a previous disaster in which some peices of equipment got fried at home, I acquired a DLINK DSL504T ADSL 4 Port Modem/Router, and a Belkin 54g WiFi Router with 4 LAN ports (and a fifth for upstream).

I finally got around to setting these up last night, (the old fried 604T could still do ADSL and wired LAN - flakey, but working).

Well - the DLINK seems as unreliable as the fried one, and is too bulky IMO. Also the design is looking rather dated these days.

The Belkin was easy enough to set up, but isnt enjoying talkiing to the DLINK particularly well, and intermittenly refuses to acknowledge traffic trying to move across the WiFi, or into the routers management web GUI.

I have decided to replace (again), with a Linksys All-in-one ADSL/WiFi/4-Port/VoIP unit. I dont particularly need the VoIP part immediately, as I have a PAP2T which suits my needs at the moment, though with the planned build of a new, larger home this year, and the implementation at home of an Asterisk based IP PBX, I guess the VoIP ports will be handy to use for further phone extensions, without having to put slightly-wierd-looking-to-the-average-non-geek IP phones in the house.

The hardware looks nice and modern (we are talking about the later model silver choc-box style, not the ugly blue-faced units), its reasonably compact, they seem reliable (I dont hear many complaints), I like the reasonably intelligently laid out UI on the PAP2T I already have.

The 504T was acquired new (through fair means!), but I was not the purchaser - so I guess it will sit around as a spare emergency unit. The Belkin was bought from Harvey Norman, who are really really good about returning things, so if they stock the Linksys I want, I will purchase from them.

So back to an all-in-one I go, simply for ease of use on my otherwise not completely simple home network.

What is your weapon of choice for home routing, and why? If budget was not a concern, would you change to any other device or devices? Do you have all your eggs in one basket, or go seperate, without the robustness of serious business solution?

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Comment by Grant17, on 19-Jan-2007 13:46

It sounds like you've had a very similar experience to mine when using an ADSL Modem and separate Router as posted here:

To replace this setup in the middle of last year, I bought a 3Com but if I was buying another router at the moment, it would be the Linksys WAG54GP2V2, as you have also decided.

The Voice Ports are sure to be useful in future, especially once Naked DSL becomes a reality.

Comment by barnaclebarnes, on 19-Jan-2007 13:50

I've always had trouble with the DLink stuff. It just seems to be a dog. The web UI sucked and it wasn't very reliable. For my wireless I've gone with the Linksys WRT-54G and put the open source firware on it. Works like a charm.

Comment by freitasm, on 19-Jan-2007 14:58

All my attempts to use a DLink always failed. I use Belkin routers, and have been using for something like eight years now...


Comment by sbiddle, on 19-Jan-2007 15:07

Weren't you playing with ClarkConnect at some stage? Is there any reason why you're not using that with a cheap ADSL modem? You can then hook up an AP if needed (or use a PCI WiFi card) and also run Asterisk on the same PC.

I run ClarkConnect as my main gateway with Asterisk on it and use my old WRT54g simply as an AP and it works great.

Comment by chiefie, on 19-Jan-2007 15:38

Just wondering, why is Wireless Access Point is always more expensive than Wireless Router? I am looking at getting a couple of switches and perhaps 2 or 3 access points and use SBS 2003 as my router/ISA/DHCP. Or is there any wireless router that can be configured as normal AP?

Comment by sbiddle, on 19-Jan-2007 16:49

Linksys WRT54g's work fine as either an AP or router.

Comment by psycik, on 23-Jan-2007 08:53

I always thought the D-Link routers were ok.  I had no problems with my DI-624+  Only replaced it with a WRT54G because I could run non standard firmware on the WRT (DD-WRT) and get an SNMP port for network monitoring.   The Dlink now sits in my lounge as a wireless AP.  Although, Have just been through a similar problem with my sister in law using D-Link - but I put it down to the DSL network (and having two networks - the modems and the routers) - I'm on Telstra Cable. - See thread:

Comment by Unison, on 27-Feb-2007 16:47

Cant really go past microtik can you?

Comment by Eric T, on 30-May-2007 22:34

Sbiddle, I am curious how you got clark connect and Asterisk working together. Do you mind sharing?

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