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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 28-Mar-2006 07:21

As a follow on to paradoxsms post about firefox I thought I would also share with you a wonderful little extension that has changed my habits significantly...

The IE Tabs extension for Firefox allows you to specify sites like Windows Update or other sites that dont work in Firefox (maybe your bank, or other institution that hasnt caught up with the times (or standards-compliant browsers for that matter)).

You can also change the rendering engine on the fly for a given tab... so if you are browsing in FF, and the site breaks and says 'I need IE to display', you just right-click the tab, and switch that tab to IE.

I am now using Firefox for 99% of my browsing, because along with other extensions, it really is wonderfully usable.

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Comment by Dave Campbell, on 28-Mar-2006 11:00

Firefox is getting closer and closer to IE without having to run IE. One feature I still run to IE for is the ability to have the folders pane to copy (drag and drop) FTP files to other areas of the hard drive(s). It'd sure be nice if Firefox had such an extension. -- hint, hint.

Comment by Ryan, on 30-Mar-2006 17:01

Great extension... as for the FTP extension, I think you may be already missing out. I now use FireFTP which is a Firefox plugin that turns firefox into your classic FTP client. Look here:

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