How To Use Windows Vista Upgrade Editions as a Standalone Full Version

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 13-Feb-2007 09:15

From Mark Lirons "Instant Vista" Site...

What Is The Windows Vista Upgrade Secret?

Well to be honest it is no big secret as you can find this information anywhere online and many Microsoft staff must also know about it as they created this process!

The "secret" is that the setup program (setup.exe) in Windows Vista's upgrade version will accept an installed copy of XP, W2K, or an un-activated copy of Vista itself as evidence of a previous installation.

...and it is this last option that enables you to perform a "clean install" of an upgrade version of Windows Vista to any formatted or unformatted hard drive! Basically you are installing Windows Vista twice to take advantage of this trick.

Get the full text here.

Please let me know if/when the link dies, I will find it somewhere else, and re-link. (I wonder if MSFT will put pressure on those who publish this, esp. the likes of Mark, a Microsoft MVP)

More information

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Comment by chiefie, on 13-Feb-2007 10:30

What I'd be interested is... how much is the Windows Anytime Upgrade be for moving from one tier to the next? I don't have Windows Vista but I like to learn about the cost of upgrading and any other associated cost along the way before plunging in deeper. There's a lot of consideration to include when all of our gadgets are working fine the way it is... Ultimately the $$$ has to be more appealing before we be plunging deeper. (Does anyone else feel the same as me?)

Comment by Niknak, on 20-Feb-2007 15:58

Mark Lirons has pulled his article in an apparently "voluntary action", but alternative instructions can currently be found here:

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