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Download the new Skype 3.2 Beta here. It seems by the number of visitors to a previous post about an older beta, that some Skype users are having trouble finding the Beta versions for download.
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All Skype Betas I have used have been rock solid. I havent used a release version for a long time!! Ive been permanently on Beta installs.

Simply follow the link at the bottom of this article to go directly to the official download page for the Skype Beta.

Heres a screenshot (names obscured to protect the not-so-innocent).


Among other things, the new SkypeFind feature allows you to find businesses in various categories that other users have listed. Great if you are in a new city on business, and looking for somewhere good to eat! Although New Zealand content for this feature is looking like slim pickings for now (Wellington had just one restaurant listed).

Skype is also great as an IM client. I just find it to be lighter and friendlier than MSN (Windows Live Messenger). Skype is also very good at traversing firewalls. With a muliple NAT router scenario at home, I was unable to get MSN video calls working, without lots of port forwarding work to be done. Skype just worked.

Thats where Skype does so well, in spite of being proprietary software, that doesnt use open protocols like SIP, it just works, first time, every time (almost). And thats the attraction for people who dont know what VoIP provider to sign up with, what hardware to buy, and how to call other people. Skypes IM functionality, with contact list (server maintained, so you get your contacts from any PC), presence - see whos online, and general user friendliness, will, for most people, far outweigh the prospect that they are not using what many would consider to be 'real VoIP'.

When 'real VoIP' is this easy to use and maintain, then people will start using it en masse. Until then.... Viva la Skype!

For the eagle-eyed amongst you - yes, I did have Skype running as a trunk into my Asterisk box, but with the connector software being commercial pay-for stuff, and requiring a seperate Windows box to trunk into the Asterisk box, I ended up giving it up. I also missed the presence and IM functions on my PC (despite being able to run mulitple Skypes logged into one account - this messed terribly with the trunking setup). With my Skype Dualphone, I still get my Skype calls at home, and I use Skype call forwarding ring-all functionality to also make my cellphone ring at the same time.

Download Skype Beta Here

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