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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 10-Apr-2007 17:30

Struggling to find a suitable resource for extended amounts of VoIP information, I have kicked off a project to launch one myself.

The site is live, and from a technical perspective is working great, using the wiki format.

What I need now is content. I have a few people onboard now who are seeding articles, and helping build the content into a usable resource.

With only a few dozen articles so far, I could do with a few more helpers.

No journalistic experience of any kind is necessary, just a willingness to write plain English articles about anything to do with VoIP products, services, hardware, tips & tricks etc, for the benefit of the VoIP community as a whole.

There is no preconcieved ideas about what is preferred content, and what is not - if its anything to do with VoIP (from Nortel / Cisco enterprise solutions, right down to Skype & SIP clients on the desktop, and everything in between), then its appropriate!

If you are prepared to contribute early (before the launch) to this community resource, please email me at tony AT tall DOT co DOT nz. I would like people who are passionate about VoIP, and are prepared to spend around 2 or more hours a week for the next 2 - 4 weeks writing and expanding articles.

Watch this space for details of the official launch of the site!

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Comment by Stu Fleming, on 10-Apr-2007 19:02

We're keen to help. Contact me by e-mail for more details of what we do.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 10-Apr-2007 21:49

keen to add bits, could not reply to pm due to geekzones notorious bug on pda's I'm pretty well green on voip now, once had asterisk with 4 providers but now just a sole ata on italk.

Comment by Ben Robinson, on 8-Sep-2007 12:28

We would be more than happy to help with the writing of articles for the site. We are VoIP Providers for business networks and have extensive knowledge on Asterisk and other open source and hardware PBX's. Feel free to get in touch if you still want some help.

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