NZ VoIP Users Group wiki and mailing list launched

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 17-Apr-2007 23:18

The covers are off, and the website is now live. It was previously going to be sitting on the version of the same domain, as was parked.

It turns out that the owner of the domain is Hadley Rich, who ran (The NZ Asterisk Users Group). And it appears that after a year or two of operation the site had stagnated a little, with less than 100 genuine members, and very little changes to the wiki in recent times.

It had previously been suggested that the AstUG should branch out into a general VoIP group, and Hadley today proposed that we join forces, and rebrand, redevelop and relaunch AstUG with the NZ VoIP Users handle that I was about to launch with at

That work is predominantly finished now, with only minor changes to be made, though we are looking for a decent logo, and might just make a competition out of it!

The idea of the site is to inform people who are looking for information about VoIP on any level (from Skype on the desktop, to a Cisco Call Manager solution and much more!), and provide a mailing list for fast feedback and discussion.

The idea of having a wiki is to encourage community involvement - people can edit articles to add valuable information, or correct mistakes, or create new articles altogether.

There is a section for Asterisk consultants to list their contact details, and we are happy for this to cover anyone who can provide VoIP consulting services.

We are also aiming to provide comprehensive information about VoIP providers, primarily those offering some sort of local service in New Zealand (billing in NZD, NZ DIDs etc etc), but also overseas providers too.

I look forward to hearing any feedback about the site and how we could make it better!

More information

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Comment by David, on 17-Apr-2007 20:51

Is it just me or do the links to this bring up a praked domain sign from discount domainz?

Comment by rscole86, on 17-Apr-2007 23:58

It works for me :)

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 18-Apr-2007 09:33

DNS issues, should be all go now...

Comment by Wong Seoul, on 30-Jul-2007 02:28

Thanks for the info. Where can I post my questions regarding VoIP in NZ. I need a NZ VoIP # preferrably free, or cheap. Thanks

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 30-Jul-2007 07:31

Join the voipusers mailing list....

Comment by salome ada, on 26-Nov-2008 00:23

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Comment by AndrewTD, on 5-Jul-2010 14:54

where did the wiki go?

Comment by Stephen Aldridge, on 18-Jul-2011 21:03

hi, has this URL died? Stephen

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