Virgina School Shooting labelled a 'massacre'

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 17-Apr-2007 20:26

Tragic news from the Virginia Tech Campus in the US - 33 people, mostly students, gunned down at school by a lone gunman, understood to have recently broken up with his girlfriend.

This of course is a dark day for the state of Virginia, the students and staff at the school, and their families - especially of the ones who were murdered.

It still amazes me however that any number of tragedys occur every day throughout the world, many of which have a much higher death toll, but many of them never even get a mention on New Zealand news reports.

Are we still that devoted to all things American that we lend more weight to American deaths than to those in other (potentially third world, middle eastern, or asian) nations? Are Americans any more important? Are Cambodians any less important?

I thought the press was shallow, but they are probably only pandering to ratings generated by regular people, so perhaps it is the people with the ratings boxes on top of their tv's who are shallow?

Were you aware that 108 people died last month in a Siberian mine?

what about 30 people dying a week ago in an Iranian bus accident?

I could go on, but you get the point. We all need to wake up and get aware, and realise that America is not the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Though that last point might be debateable.

Michael Moore might be a one sided zealot who puts a massively edited slant on things, but ya know what - I think hes got a point sometimes...

George Bush is a dangerous man, and the sometimes misplaced national pride that is apparently so deeply embedded in the psyche of the average citizen compared to elsewhere in the world serves only to perpetuate this crazy myth that a crime against America is worse than a crime againts anyone else, and that a tragedy affecting America is worse than a tragedy affecting anyone else, which strangely and scarily, many other countries seem to buy into.

I am not a racist, I am a half American cynic and realist.

There is more to the world than what the mainstream press/media in New Zealand report. Go out and find it.

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Comment by lugh, on 17-Apr-2007 21:30

Nicely said Tony!  Just reminded me that I wanted to start reading Chomsky again.

You have to remember that the commercial mainstream media in the US is probably the largest media machine worldwide and, as a scary number of Americans can't even point out Canada on a map, that's the focus we get.  (that's a dig at US education standards not the American people)

Comment by Jama, on 18-Apr-2007 08:54

That is how Neo Conservatives operate. They polarise the population against a common enemy. In the past it was communism and when that feel apart terrorism became the enemy. In twenty years time when terrorism is no longer an issue they will probably resort to alien bashing. Ronald Regan signed legislation allowing America the right to invade any country that was seen as a threat to American security and democracy. Unfortunately as we have seen this policy is independent of the what the UN or other civilised nations think. Then you get the whole 'you are either with us or against us', there is no middle ground. Neo Conservatism is a misguided attempt at controlling a population. If you all have a common faceless enemy you are less likely to fight each other. Remember the civil war?

Anyway this is off track but the shooter in this instance was Chinese so lets again blame the communists.

Comment by nairda, on 18-Apr-2007 10:06

That is incorrect. He was South Korean.

Comment by Rod, on 18-Apr-2007 14:12

A tradgedy that has impacted the world. Every paper and TV channel is reporting on it. What amazes me is the 'news inventing'. The papers and broadcasters have,in this case and many others, covered the facts then proceed to invent news based on theories and opinions. They sensationalise to fill up air time. American gun laws are lame. I'm not advocating banning guns, just tighten up there availability so someone who is a bit annoyed can't buy a gun then in the next few minutes take out 30 innocent people because he's having a bad day. Tony is right. I didn't see a word mentioned about the people killed on the roads in America that day. Hey America, we are sad that these people were killed. Apart from that, realise that the rest of the world dosen't care about your crap country and moron laws.

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