Google is good to Geekzone (and GZ blogs)

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 2-Apr-2006 22:02

Want some good exposure for your blog? Become part of the Geekzone community... in less than one month, my name is now ninth for a worldwide Google search, and 1st for a New Zealand specific search. I have also had well over 5000 page views, and I havent posted a heck of a lot really.

Its nice to know that you dont have to pay people hundreds or even thousands of dollars for good rankings... I think just being relevant, and ensuring you include the same wording that you think people will be searching for will make a big big difference.

Heres some searches of interest to me, they may bore you, but hey - its my blog, and ill bore if I want to...

My blog:

Tony Hughes (9th in a worldwide search)

Tony Hughes (1st in a NZ specific search) (4th)

Nokia 6255 (1st - Google news)

Samsung SCH-B600 (1st Google news)

Geekzone in general:

Telecom New Zealand (Dominates 1st page Google News)

Phone racing (1st)

"Pacific WiFi" (listed before Pacific WiFis own home page in a NZ specific search)

There are many more that come and go (Google news ones only stick around for a short while sometimes), but the bottom line is that GZ is well liked by the search gods. I have not researched other search engines, mainly because I just dont use other search engines unless im researching something really important and dont find enough relevant results in Google (almost never). I suspect lots of people take the same approach??

Remember Altavista? I used to use it exclusively till I found Google. Havent touched it at all since, except to see if its still alive and kicking.

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Author's note by tonyhughes, on 2-Apr-2006 23:13

Worldwide searches for 'geekzoner' & 'no vengeance' also yielded good results, as did a New Zealand only search for 'diehard' :-)

Comment by freitasm, on 2-Apr-2006 23:35

Yes, it's great stuff. And I think more people will realise this - it's great for ideas exchange and conversations.

Comment by cokemaster, on 2-Apr-2006 23:52

Its been very kind to me. The recent Sky outage articles had a VERY good ranking on Google news. It also made my recent 3500 page views post seem a bit premature.

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