Sick of spam? You dont have to be...

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 3-Apr-2006 08:03

Spam - we all hate it, its an annoyance for every internet user.

Or is it?

Since using Gmail, my account still gets the same amount of spam, but Gmails spam filters are great, and I generally only get 1 or 2 spams a week in my inbox, with the rest going directly the spam folder - sometimes a hundred a day.

The filter is effective whether you are using webmail like I do, or the pop3 server, and I have never had a false positive (good email going to the spam folder).

With Gmail as good as it is, I cant see myself using anything else for the forseeable future.

PM me if you need an invite, or I think you can sign up using a mobile phone now, check for details.

There are also some nice Firefox extensions that eliminate (hide) all Google advertising from your inbox, but be aware that it doesnt actually stop Gmail from auto-scanning the text of your email to produce ad results, it just hides the output.

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Author's note by tonyhughes, on 3-Apr-2006 16:29

Gee people are so nice... heres a response from a guy I gave a Gmail invite to today: (Names have been changed to protect the innocent) Tony, Thanks so much for allowing me to become a gmailer-- especially on a day like today, 02 April 2006, when I was bombarded with 37 spams. This was a huge spike from my average over the last year of 14.57/day (but up to over 20 lately). Even though I now am a proud offspring of the gmail family, I remain committed to the war against spam and remain heavily fortified with the,, and weapons in my arsenal. Keep up the good work! E.S.

Comment by Renne, on 12-Apr-2006 01:21

gmail filter is really great! to filter all other POP 3, IMAP, Hotmail accounts I have installed Spam Bully, a plugin for Outlook.

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