Switching CDMA Samsung W531 To Use GSM SIM Card

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 27-Apr-2007 17:00

To change modes on the fly at any time, go to main standby screen by pressing END (or open the phone)

Press 6
Press 1 (to switch to CDMA)
Press 2 (to switch to GSM)

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Author's note by tonyhughes, on 27-Apr-2007 17:55

It so nice have my CDMA number and GSM number working on one cellphone. Pity you have to switch between them and not able to run them concurrently. Beats having to carry that 2nd phone around!

Comment by Grant17, on 27-Apr-2007 20:38

"Beats having to carry that 2nd phone around!"

Absolutely! Well done on sleuthing this one out Tony

I won't ask how you did it but this is a very useful set of instructions for those who need a phone that works on both networks. Having CDMA + GSM capability would be very handy in some rural areas. Kind of like:

All your Base Stations are belong to me...

How long does it take the phone to switch between modes after you have entered the appropriate key sequence?

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 27-Apr-2007 21:01

It has been on the net for a few weeks now, but I only found it today. (I have been looking for AGES). You can do the keypresses (3 of) in quick succession, and then the changeover takes about 8 seconds or so (Same as turning an average phone on - activate radio, find network, attach to network).

Ditched my 6275 (about to Trademe it) and bought a W531 about 30 minutes after I found out this phone was unlockable (finally).

This phone should prove VERY popular, and if Telecom (further) lock down the phone when it comes back into stock, then existing unlockable W531's may attract a small premium on Trademe (id say around $30 - $50 more than they would without this ability).

Comment by bradstewart, on 28-Apr-2007 16:02

Thanks a lot for this Tony, I'm off to pick up a W531 on Monday

Comment by sammyhax0r, on 28-Apr-2007 22:32

Hey mate, nice on turning our code into a guide, mind if we steal adn add photoz? make a real guide for the peeps? Also we are waiting for the latest batch to come out as its rumoured that they may have changed the code.... but ill wokr on cracking if they have. Also note that only the newer sim 2 cards work not original sims.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 28-Apr-2007 22:44

Go for it... its just a code, its not as if its my property. If you feel I have helped, then a link back here is always appreciated...

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