Home network running well again

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 16-May-2007 18:08

I had lots of complexity in my home network, and when it ran good, it was GREAT, but unfortunately things dont always play out so well, and with more small power outages and power spikes here, I lost a few power supplies and other bits of equipment.

I now have the following setup...

DLINK ADSL Modem/router/wifi in the lounge, serving my laptop and MCE machine via wifi.

In the shed is a Belkin WiFi bridge connected with WPA encryption to the DLINK

The Belkin bridge is the uplink for a 16 port 10/100 switch feeding the following:

my pc
intel rack server (arriving this week)
pap2t for 2 x phone extensions from Asterisk
pap2t for VFX VoIP connection
amd asterisk box
amd windows box
intel spare box
linksys wrt54g wifi AP

I plan to run about 20 metres of CAT5e to connect the switch to the modem, eliminating that low-bandwidth wifi link.

So i have gone back to a single subnet, and soon will be fully wired as far as the network 'backbone' goes (for want of a less grand term for a single 100MB link!!)

I have a 1kVA rack ups arriving this week as well, which will keep some key services running nicely during the increasingly frequent brown-outs we have here (lose power for a second or less...)

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Comment by adamj, on 18-May-2007 20:15

How much did you pay for your bridge? I'm in the market for one myself

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