Gmail hits 2700 megabytes storage

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 7-Mar-2006 13:44

My gmail account just clicked over to 2700 megabytes total storage today. My usage is at 359Mb and climbing (I normally only delete forum notifications, and I keep everything else unless its hideously big - but I dont get many large attachments these days).

I have found Gmail to be so useful - I re-route my ISP mail to it, and I have a seperate gmail account for the household which is also re-routed to mine (leaving the original in the inbox) - this allows me to have ALL my mail in one account, but my G/F can still check the household email account without having to trawl through all my Geek stuff. I also have my Geekzone alias directed to Gmail.

Gmail is also going to be capable of hosting a domain name, although this is still in limited beta (as opposed to the Gmail beta which just about the whole planet has access to now).

I have given up on using Outlook, or any other POP3 client for that matter. Now that broadband speeds are up, the Gmail web interface is VERY nice to use, and includes inline autocomplete for email addresses, and lots of other niceties. There is no storage overhead on my PC, I dont have to backup a huge mailbox file, and I can access the full version of my entire email archive and UI from any machine on the planet.

If you havent tried Gmail yet, and would like to, just drop me a PM (or leave a comment, once comments are enabled on the Geekzone Blog [Beta]).

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