Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition - $20

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 13-Jun-2007 12:07

When you get an email about being able to buy Microsoft Office 2007 for $20, lots of users would hit 'delete' while moaning about spam and scams and pirated software, whilst a small percentage would actually pony up the greenbacks, and either get: no software, pwned with a trojan loaded download, or just a link to a p2p site.

Office Enterprise 2007 Win32 English Direct DVD

Qty:  1

Unit Price:  0.00

Item Total:  0.00

Subtotal: 0.00

Shipping: 20.00


Total: 20.00 NZD

(NZD = New Zealand Dollar)

Looks like a scam, smells like a scam, but its actually a Home Use Program (HUP) agreement between my employer and Microsoft. We pay for shipping from overseas, and the genuine software is free...

Some conditions:

Please remember these important Home Use Program Guidelines:

You may continue to use Home Use Program licensed software as long as you remain employed by the employer granting you rights to participate in the Home Use Program, the corresponding at work license for that software has active Software Assurance coverage, and you remain the primary user of that at work license.

You may not sell or transfer Home Use Program licensed software to anyone else. Your use of the software is a benefit of employment.

Why dont you check with your employer and see if the same program is running?

Thanks Microsoft/Gen-i !

More information

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Comment by chiefie, on 13-Jun-2007 12:18

Hmmm... lucky for some... what other software is available under your HUP?

Comment by Bung, on 13-Jun-2007 12:54

Another sucker taking work home :)

Comment by cokemaster, on 13-Jun-2007 17:55

Telecom staff get it as well which is good

Comment by Phillip Molly Malone, on 9-Jul-2007 13:09

Its very cool. Just found out that I am getting the Enterprise edition, I thought I was getting the standard edition.


Comment by yamadude, on 22-Apr-2008 05:27

Does the software stop working if you leave the company?

Comment by Ashman, on 28-Apr-2008 10:27

Grab a copy of "Blue" Edition Enterprise. Then your free for life :)No serial required and no activation required. Updates straight away too. Full and complete.

Comment by Leroy, on 10-Oct-2008 09:37

I purchased this product but I am unable to get it to load on my PC. I get an error message indicating that there is a missing file and the application will not load. I was able to load he application on a laptop running Vista, just to see if the application would work. I am running Windows XP on my PC. I tried again with no success on my workstation. Any Help?

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