Vodafone offers 1GB UMTS plan for $49NZD

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 10-Apr-2006 13:31

A user in the Geekzone forums has alerted us to a new offer from Vodafone. 1GB of data a month for $49NZD - this is amzing considering VFNZ was already offering one of the best high volume mobile data deals in New Zealand, and to then drop their pants on pricing like this (the previous offer was 1GB for $149NZD). Its apparently a time limited offer (only accepting signups for three months), although the pricing itself seems to be valid for at least 24 months. This should stimulate a retaliation from Telecom New Zealand with any luck. The dream of ditching a fixed line service altogether has just got a lot more real for some lower volume users. If you use less than GB, and dont mind speeds of around 200-300kbps, then this is more cost effective than fixed line broadband and a homeline (in New Zealand, homelines are required to get a DSL account - Telecom New Zealand [the owner of the copper lines] wont allow 'naked DSL') Vodafone data pricing Geekzone forum post on this topic

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