Geek gadgets to go on holiday with

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 13-Apr-2006 16:30

We are taking a road trip this Easter, from Hawkes Bay in New Zealands North Island, to Blenheim & Nelson, at the top of our South Island (great naming scheme eh?).

I will be taking my LG CDMA cellphone, my 60G iPod Video with an iTrip auto for sounds (and a pair of headphones for while I am on the Cook Strait ferry). I will take my Socket Portable Power Pack for recharging oppurtunities if needed - it can recharge any USB device, and also includes cables for iPod, Nokia and many popular cellphones.

We will also take a Sony DSC-T5 (had a T7 but ditched it because it has no charging cradle and you had to physically remove the battery to charge it) with a 1GB MS Pro Duo card, and our Sony Widescreen DVD Handycam with a stack of re-writable 8cm DVDs.

Because my iPod is full of music, DVDs, podcasts and video podcasts, I will likely take a 128MB flash drive in case there are some photos and things I feel like taking from friends and families hard drives, and I guess the 160GB USB2.0 external drive can be packed as well, in case I want to do some serious file transfers.

Also in my arsenal will be Knoppix 4.0 LiveCD, Fedora Core 5 DVD, and lots of other apps & utils on CD & DVD, should the need arise, or just to demo to people.

Thats a lot of dollars worth (though im sure many of you will pack more), but it begs the question of insurance.

I know my phone is covered, but how about a computer hard drive when its out of the house? iPod? My sons Gameboy Advance? Best get on the phone I think...

Happy holidays everyone! Please drive safely this Easter.

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Comment by chiefie, on 13-Apr-2006 16:39

happy holiday. looks like you got the trip packed with enough gadgets! heading south to south island? if you pass by chch and wanna meet up, give me a message! :-D drive safe and enjoy the trip!

Comment by juha, on 14-Apr-2006 14:29

Maybe I'm a bit weird but... it's kind of nice not to have anything at all with me on holidays. Let the mobile phone ring at home, and the inbox fill up with unseen messages. Who cares, I'm on holiday :) Lately though, I've made an exception for a digital camera. There's just too much out there that I want a picture of, especially in NZ.

Comment by Gigs, on 18-Apr-2006 14:26

About the only thing that leaves with me most times is my W800 (Sony Ericsson) since i'm usually listening to the radio and gaming with it. I keep trying to justify an iRiver or a PSP for travelling but probably won't until I look at flying out of the country as opposed to any internal flights or roadtrips. For anything more serious I might actually take the laptop out of the house (I'm pretty sure it's made for travelling more than a meter or so :D) which as luck would have it also connects to the phone ;) Otherwise I have to agree with Juha, it's great to leave alot of it behind.

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