HP TC4400 Tablet PC Mini-Review

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 19-Aug-2007 09:44

Okay, So I just got a tablet pc for work use - an HP tc4400

T5600 Core 2 Duo 1.83GHz
2GB RAM (ships with 1GB, but GM said min spec for our new machines is now 2GB - so who am I to argue :-)
14.1" LCD

Its no slouch with the preinstalled Vista on it either. A colleague got an XP pre-load and put Vista on, and had all sorts of issues (all driver related), but this goes great, bar some hibernation/suspend issues. The fingerprint reader seems to operate perfectly with no issues, unlike the nx6320 I also have here. I run a 19" Wide LCD as my primary display in the office.

I use a standard docking station with it (it was barely ok not having a dock for the 6320, but the screen and keyboard are so much smaller on the tablet, that I couldnt face the choice of plugging a million cables in or using small HID's).

I also have a spare power supply and a spare pen (a colleague lost his pen a while ago and the poor boy was like a kid who had lost his bike!)

Likes (so far - day 3)
Pen is easy to stow/retrieve
Screen is reasonably bright and clear
Computer is responsive and perky (running Windows Vista Business)
Good size/weight, and feels solid
Pen commands are responsive and clear
Keyboard is almost as good as the full sized laptops
Good volume
3 USB ports + PCMCIA and SD/MMC Slot
Built in mic
Excellent 'quick-access' hotkeys in tablet mode

Dislikes so far
Single speaker (I listen to music when im working, will need to add some USB speakers to my dock setup I guess)
Power switch is a bit odd in its action (a spring loaded slide switch)
Shipped with 'Vista Basic' sticker by touch pad (its a Vista Business machine) this may have been because this machine has had availability issues, but still - would you want a Calais with an 'Acclaim' badge on it?
All manner of restore partitions and assorted crud
No built in webcam

I suspect that I wouldnt want to go back to not owning a tablet now.

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